15 Horrible Things You Do When You Live Alone

15 Horrible Things You Do When You Live Alone
15 Horrible Things You Do When You Live Alone

We know that there are people of iron self-discipline in the world who, even alone with themselves, behave as if under the gun of lenses. But most of us allow ourselves small weaknesses when no one is watching. And the longer no one looks, the more we relax.

15 Terrible Things You Do When You Live Alone
15 Terrible Things You Do When You Live Alone

1. You've been hoarding free newspapers for weeks, but you never get around to looking through them. And throw away too. How can you: there is a crossword puzzle!

2. You can wash, use and wash the same cup again, and in the meantime, an alternative civilization of sentient mold, unknown to science, will grow in the rest.

3. Why take a shower every morning when you have deodorant? It seems you haven't started smelling like a bum yet. Or you think you haven't started.

4. You talk to the cat and get offended when he turns his back on you. “Who only brought you up,” you remark aloud. The cat turns around sarcastically and with a glance shows who it is.

5. Pick your nose, and then grease the buzzards on the furniture. Your furniture, your rules.

6. When cutting nails, some trimmings were lost. Okay, you will vacuum - collect. If ever you will. After all, the vacuum cleaner's bag was clogged, and it's not a royal thing to shake it out.

7. It’s not at all necessary to dress beautifully when only a cat sees you. And he will forgive you this t-shirt with ten holes and mayonnaise stains.

8. When you run out of handkerchiefs, you blow your nose into a dirty sheet.

9. You can cook pasta in borscht so as not to stain extra dishes. First and second in one bottle. What's the difference, everything will be there anyway.

10. "Quickly picked up from the floor is not considered to have fallen," you mutter in excuse to yourself, blowing specks and cat hairs off your sandwich.

11. Judging by the date on the label, these canned goods should be in the trash. But the jar doesn't seem to be bombed… And it seems to smell okay…

12. You watch serials on the Internet for whole seasons in a row. But you have a million friends: Doctor Who, his companions, distant and Cybermen…

13. If you don’t have to share ice cream with anyone, then no one will judge you for eating a whole liter. A cat can't have sweets.

14. A used cotton pad settles in the bathroom forever. What if the world suddenly runs out of cotton pads?

15. You don't know why you bought a beautiful wine cork - it has never come in handy. What is open is drunk, and it’s not scary that in one person. You're not an alcoholic, you just decided to pamper yourself by watching Doctor Who for the hundredth time and eating borscht with pasta. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: Getty Images.

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