10 things mom said. And she was right

10 things mom said. And she was right
10 things mom said. And she was right

From your own experience, you begin to understand that vegetables are he althy, and beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes spoil even the smallest detail of a well-thought-out image. What else were our moms right about?

10 things mom said. And she was right
10 things mom said. And she was right

1. "Less make-up, more natural." Moms insisted that we wear less makeup and take more care of our skin. They reminded me to wash off makeup before going to bed and not to overdo it with foundation. And they were right: you wear half as much makeup now as you did when you were 19 and look great.

2. “You will have 200 more of these.” Remember how you sobbed into your pillow after your first love disappointment in your life, and your mother said something that annoyed you so much: “You only think that this a real feeling, soon everything will pass. And indeed: in retrospect, you clearly understand that two trips to the cinema still mean nothing, and it's hard to fall in love with someone you don't really know.

3. "Don't pluck your eyebrows so much." As you know, if you constantly remove the hairs, they will thin out. It's good that mom asked me not to be zealous - now wide eyebrows are in fashion!

4. “We need to do exercises in the morning.” Those of us who obeyed our mother and kept this wonderful habit to this day, get sick less often and have more time. They also know how to keep their posture and complain less about back pain.

5. "One C is not the end of the world." In your company, one of the best positions is held by a person who was a straight C at school. Grades do not always determine how successful a person will be in their chosen profession.

6. "Believe me, you'll get tired of this skull on your shoulder one day." As well as a navel ring, a pierced tongue and tunnels in the ears. And mom saved several thousand rubles for you, which you spent not on laser correction, but on a dress.

7. “If he really likes you, he will show it.” Mothers teach us not to run after boys, not to wait for calls at night and not to impose our company. These lessons help in adulthood, where exactly the same laws work.

8. "Be sure to wear sunscreen and sunglasses." Wrinkles are hard to think about at 16, but if your mom warned you about the harmful effects of sunburn in a timely manner, you don't even have to think about them at 35.

9. "Stop fiddling with diets." During adolescence, our body is formed, and proper nutrition is necessary for its construction. If your mom stopped you in time, you must be perfectly feminine now.

10. "You are my daughter and I love you just the way you are." These words are the most important. After all, it is mothers who teach us that we should love not for something, but simply for the very fact of existence. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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