8 things to buy in the seasonal sale

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8 things to buy in the seasonal sale
8 things to buy in the seasonal sale

Sale is an opportunity to replenish your wardrobe, but not with the first things that come to hand, but with those things that will last you more than one season.

8 things to buy at the seasonal sale
8 things to buy at the seasonal sale

Seasonal sale, you enter the first store and begin to bravely fight with competitors for shoes, which will then go forever in the closet to five pairs of the same sale "trophies". Familiar situation? Especially to prevent this from happening, we decided to make a top 8 things that are worth buying on sale and then you can actually wear!


After reading this sub title, you sighed doomedly - "Fu, boredom." Do not rush to be disappointed! As practice shows, it is precisely the good basic things that are lacking in our wardrobe - and this is the fault of the general moaning about “nothing to wear”. Therefore, in your field of vision at sales should not be the hits of the outgoing season, but white T-shirts, black turtlenecks, cigarette trousers and perfectly fitting jeans. Around these things you can then build a wardrobe for the coming season, during which you will complement them with trends.


Sale - it's time to finally get a Really Good Bag. It doesn’t have to be an “investment” purchase (besides, some luxury brands don’t discount their “eternal classics” at all), but certainly leather, made to last and moderately roomy. If we are talking about discounts that are more serious than the trivial 50%, you can also afford a "marsupial" extravaganza made from the skin of a water snake, but no leatherette - you can buy trendy options "for one season" from artificial materials without waiting for a "sale".


This is the same story as with bags - you need to choose high-quality models that would cost you a lot before discounts, but now you can afford it. By the way, it’s worth thinking not only about the “basic” pair, for example, good pumps for every day, but also about accent shoes that will turn any, even the most concise and simple look, into an advanced fashionista’s output. Look for metallics, colorblocking or deliberately rough shoes (bloafers, loafers, brogues).


Investing in fashion classics is worth doing just during sales, so buy yourself a beautiful coat of a model that has long been out of trend. It can be a dressing gown coat or a straight-cut coat - the main thing is that it does not differ in excessive decor or flashy color. Another mandatory characteristic is the natural composition.


You can dress in the mass market or mid-range brands, but at the same time look like you are attending all the shows of Paris Fashion Week. The secret, like the devil, lies in the details - expensive classic-shaped sunglasses, an elegant square scarf or a beautiful necklace will "stretch out" any look without exception.


Let's reveal a "terrible" secret - things that will be the most fashionable next season appear already in the collections of the current one. Therefore, finding them on sale is more than real - just highlight the main trends that will “come into force” soon and boldly go to the stores for exploration. In the case of a successful hunt, you will get relevant things much earlier than your girlfriends, and even spend much less.


No, we are not talking about boots with mini-turbine soles that can get you to work without the morning rush on the subway. We are talking about the useful principle of "prepare your sled in summer" - at the winter sale you can easily find a beautiful swimsuit for your July vacation, and at the summer "sale" - things that will come in handy for you in the winter.


The perfect biker jacket is not so easy to find, besides, it must be made of genuine leather to turn you into a rock star even a year after purchase. During the sale, and best of all - at the very beginning, you can purchase it for quite reasonable money. Particular attention - the most simple models, without unnecessary decor and excessively large fittings. Based on materials: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / ImaxTree.

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