Robert De Niro spoke about raising his six children

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Robert De Niro spoke about raising his six children
Robert De Niro spoke about raising his six children

Father of many children, actor Robert De Niro shared his views on parenting. He said that the most important thing in this business is sincerity.

Robert De Niro opens up about raising his six children

72-year-old Robert De Niro shared with reporters his rules for raising children, of whom he has six. The actor said that, given his busy work schedule, the time he manages to spend with his heirs and grandchildren is priceless. As it turned out, De Niro does not see his older children so often: each of them has his own life and his own routine, which does not always coincide with the plans of the famous father.

According to celebrity, the most important thing in raising a child is sincerity. It is necessary to treat your child without pretense and excessive theatricality. The star also noted that it is extremely important to be able to talk, listen and hear children. Otherwise, according to De Niro, it is impossible to establish a trusting and friendly relationship with a son or daughter. The actor also added that if parents do not communicate with their children, they will not be able to teach them life things that will be useful to them at various stages of growing up.

De Niro shaped his own understanding and perspective on parenting thanks to his father Robert De Niro Sr. The actor's father, like his mother, was an artist and, according to the celebrity herself, talked with him for hours about everything in the world. It was this openness and sincerity on the part of the parent that helped Robert Jr. succeed in his career and raise wonderful children. As the actor noted, the child understands everything perfectly from a very young age and “absorbs” every dropped word of dad or mom.

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