Interior of a room for two girls

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Interior of a room for two girls
Interior of a room for two girls

In Russian apartments, it is rarely possible to allocate a separate room for each child. If you are faced with the task of designing a room for two girls of different ages, our tips will help you solve it.

Interior of a room for two girls
Interior of a room for two girls

Where does the design of the nursery begin? First of all, you need to understand the needs of your children. If a 3-year-old baby and a 12-year-old schoolgirl live in the same room, it is important to pay special attention to space planning so that both girls are comfortable. So, let's analyze the most important rules for designing a nursery for girls of different ages.


The main thing at this age is games. Therefore, the play area will be the main one in the children's room for little girls. If your daughters have similar interests, and most importantly, the same favorite cartoon characters, decorating a nursery is not difficult. Start with the girls' favorite color and add some character details.

If your daughters prefer different cartoons and do not resemble each other at all in character, try to take into account their interests by creating a play corner for each and a common area where books and other common items, such as desktops, will stand games, doll house, sports equipment.


It is more difficult to design the interior of a children's room for two girls of different ages. Here you will have to show your imagination so that the youngest daughter does not interfere with the older one doing her homework, and the older one, in turn, does not wake up the baby playing computer games late at night.

Use zoning opportunities. Here are some ways to split up the nursery:

  • Decorative screen. Useful to separate the crib from the main space of the room, which is more owned by the older girl.
  • Bright curtain. First, the printed curtain will complement the interior of the nursery. Secondly, with its help you can separate the play area from the study area, and the children will not interfere with each other.
  • Color Separation. This nursery design trick works for two teenage girls who love different colors and can't decide which house they want to have.
  • Canopy. In addition to decorating the interior, canopies on the beds will help create their own space in the room for two girls.


So you have two nearly grown daughters. Each one has its own preferences and character. Give them freedom in the design of the nursery, help them express themselves. Don't be scared if the girls want to paint the walls or hang posters and posters on them.

Be sure to hang a large mirror in the room for two teenage girls and find a place for a spacious closet. The right design of a children's room for two girls will help avoid quarrels in the family and make your children's life enjoyable. Photo: fotoimedia.

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