Delicate female question: how to stay in shape inside?

Delicate female question: how to stay in shape inside?
Delicate female question: how to stay in shape inside?

Today it may not concern you. Will not touch another 15-20 years. However, if you don't plan to meet your retirement as a lonely diaper connoisseur or a connoisseur of enameled ducks, read this.

A delicate female question: how to stay in shape inside?

The vagina of any woman loses its elasticity with age. Yes, aging is natural, but urinary incontinence is not very. And if you want to have sex in your life for as long as possible, you should also know how to ensure it.


Everyone has heard of Kegel exercises. Who actually does them? No time? "Sister, duck to the second ward!" In fact, this does not need special time. No special trainers needed. These muscles train themselves if they are ordered in time by the head. On the way to work, while walking - it can be done anywhere. And no one will know. Three sets of 10 repetitions daily. Oh, and what you will have after this luxurious sex, you have no idea!


Yes, do it more often. On the way to work, while walking… Seriously, without regular exercise, the walls of the vagina lose their elasticity, and when sex does happen, the likelihood of injury increases. Imagine, you climbed the wall for six months, and then - he. The rustle of sheets, the rustle of rose petals, the dress, rustling, fell to the floor and … "Darling, do you remember the ambulance phone?". Do you need it? Train. What do you mean no one? A vibrator will do.


No, that doesn't mean stop eating. This means - respect your body and do not torture it with either diets or gluttony. Sudden weight gain or weight loss equally stretches the vagina and makes it sag. Just like breasts.


Stop frantically washing yourself from the inside. The vagina is self-cleaning. Intimate soap cleans the outside and that's enough. If you start to worry about the smell, go to the gynecologist, soap won't help.


It's normal that after forty, no matter how much you grit your teeth with desire, there will be little lubrication. The level of self-lubrication decreases. Use water-based or silicone-based lubricants for sex. Every time. No, you will not look less passionate from this, but all participants in the process will get more pleasure.

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