How to come up with a strong password for the Internet

How to come up with a strong password for the Internet
How to come up with a strong password for the Internet

When you're logged into multiple sites, it's tempting to use the same password everywhere. How else to remember them all?

How to come up with a strong password for the Internet
How to come up with a strong password for the Internet

The average European is registered on 26 sites and rarely has more than five different passwords for all occasions. 30% of users store passwords on a piece of paper in front of the computer. If one of your accounts is hacked, it is highly likely that scammers get access to the rest of your data.

How to come up with a strong email password


No maiden names (not even mothers), school numbers, pet names, etc. All this about you can be obtained from social networks in open mode.


"yutsuken" or 123456789 - not for you. They are hacked with ease, by software enumeration. So, you can experiment on the site to determine which combinations take how long to match. Of course, you do not need to enter your real passwords there. The ideal password combines both letters, and in different registers (like this, yes) and numbers.


Yes, yes, like in a bank. How to come up with a strong password? In order not to forget your password, come up with a word that you will constantly use, and the number combination for it is a permanent part of the password. And the variable part will be the name of the site where you enter it. For example, we chose “[email protected]” as a permanent part. And to register on, say, Facebook, combine the password in “[email protected]_Fb”


If you have a bilingual keyboard, you can make things even more difficult. The same word "rainbow" typed in Russian with the English layout turned on will be written as "hfleuf". For password cracking programs, this will complicate the task. The selection algorithm in some of them goes primarily through the dictionary of existing words.

How to come up with a strong password in Odnoklassniki and not only


First put letters, then numbers. It matters. One character of the password can contain 10 number options (0-9) and 26 letter options. When there is a character-by-character password guessing, the program gives the cracker the expected cracking time. It, on average, ranges from several minutes to a day. If there are letters at the beginning of the password, then the expected estimated cracking time is longer. Thus, if your account is not “ordered” personally, but is broken just for the sake of entertainment, it is highly likely that the hacker will prefer to look for easier victims.


What strong password can you come up with? For example, use the base part "[email protected]" for mail and social networks, let it be basic and permanent. And, some "[email protected]_" - for online stores where you look once or twice. For online games where account hacking is a constant occurrence, get yourself a third type of password.

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