Take off immediately: 8 things that reduce the cost of any look

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Take off immediately: 8 things that reduce the cost of any look
Take off immediately: 8 things that reduce the cost of any look

You can think over the image as long and carefully as you like, but in the end "kill" it with one "wrong" thing.

Remove immediately: 8 things that reduce the cost of any look
Remove immediately: 8 things that reduce the cost of any look

There are things that can "stretch" not the most successful image, but turn a prosaic combination of a white T-shirt and boyfriend jeans into a trendy way out. And there are clothes and accessories that can make any of your look cheap and uninteresting. Look for the stop list of style killers in our article!


Snow white leather shoes can't look appropriate anywhere (even for brides there are plenty of alternatives). Often they are complemented with a "comfortable" heel, which gives them an even more old-fashioned and unattractive appearance. By the way, white shoes, in principle, are a more than good idea, especially if you regularly walk a total black look. So feel free to choose white sneakers, sneakers or birkenstocks.


We have nothing against faux leather and suede: some luxury brands, such as the "green" Stella McCartney, produce faux leather accessories and shoes that are of amazing quality. Unfortunately, mass-market and middle-priced brands often save on quality, offering customers products that lose their presentable appearance after a week. Don't forget - shoes and bags are worth investing in.


To dress emphatically "expensive-rich" is no longer fashionable - a dress decorated with ruffles, lace and embroidery at the same time will cause bewilderment of others. Normcore and simplicity is the new black, and one accent is enough in the image. In case of an acute desire to “wear everything at once”, repeat the advice of stylish French women like a mantra.


"Acid DJ, hey!" - we once shouted at school discos, dancing to the hits of domestic pop music. The crazy 90s are over and you're still trying to look like a British raver or a Barbie doll? Throw away all things that are unnaturally bright colors immediately - such outfits look extremely tasteless.


Oilcloth "pradas" and "louis viuttons" from the transition are immediately visible, and with the naked eye - their low quality speaks for itself. Instead of buying a low-quality fake and shuddering to be exposed from your friends, spend the same money on an inexpensive but mid-range leather bag from a good brand. The same goes for fake shoes, clothes and accessories.


The only rhinestones that can be walked are Swarovski crystals in jewelry. All the "glitters" glued to clothes with cheap glue should be mentioned in vain only as a relic of the 90s. And do not try to buy a thing with rhinestones in the hope of getting rid of them later - the many years of experience of hundreds of thousands of fashionistas prove that you will not be able to do this without a trace, and ugly traces of glue are unlikely to become the highlight of your image.


This is how high school girls walked in the early 2000s, regularly getting scolded by teachers and parents for “cold organs” and inappropriate appearance. It would seem that all of them should have grown up a long time ago and realized that this is not only not “sexy”, but also very vulgar. But, unfortunately, individual lovers of shining underwear are still found today. Remember: underwear is for something and underwear, to be under clothes, and not to look out friendly from under it.


A separate horror is to pose for photographers in them at some evening event. Your legs will glow in every photo from the celebration, and everyone will look exactly. Source: cosmo.ru.

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