The most touching confessions of stars in their homosexuality

The most touching confessions of stars in their homosexuality
The most touching confessions of stars in their homosexuality

Ricky Martin, Jodie Foster, Neil Patrick Harris - we revisited ten famous celebrity coming-outs that touched society.

The most touching confessions of stars in their homosexuality
The most touching confessions of stars in their homosexuality


In 1997, American TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres staged a large-scale coming out. She appeared on the cover of Time with the quote "Yes, I'm a lesbian," and later on Ellen, she confessed to her psychoanalyst, played by Oprah Winfrey. Ellen has been dating actress Portia De Rossi for 11 years now. On August 16, 2008, after the lifting of the ban on same-sex marriage in California, the girls got married.


'N Sync lead singer Lance Bass also decided to reveal his secret by appearing on the cover, only the guy chose People edition. In 2006, four years after the actual breakup of the group, Lance openly declared his orientation in the press, although rumors about the musician's preferences appeared in the tabloids for a very long time. 27-year-old Bass said that he hid his homosexuality in the interests of the group and the career of his partners, but now there is no point in keeping the secret anymore. On Christmas Day 2014, the musician married his boyfriend Michael Turchin.


In the summer of 2006, former lead singer of the duo Savage Garden Darren Hayes revealed on his official website that he was married to his boyfriend, cartoonist Richard Cullen. The guys got married right after same-sex marriage was legalized in the UK, and a month after the celebration they shared their joy with fans.


2006 has been a decidedly rosy year for the Western LGBT community. In the same year, How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris also admitted in an interview with People magazine, "I'm happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions, and I'm very proud to be able to say that I'm completely satisfied with the gay lifestyle." The frankness of the actor was inspired by the beginning of the affair with her future husband, David Bartka. Four years later, they became the parents of twins - a boy and a girl - from a surrogate mother. The couple got married two months after New York State Marriage Equality Act was passed in June 2011.


In 2013, at the Golden Globes, receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Merit and Long-term Contribution to Cinema, actress Jodie Foster openly and officially declared her orientation, causing tears and applause from star guests: “I it’s just necessary to say something that I have never said in public before … This will not be a loud “coming out”, because I made it a thousand years ago, in those days one little fragile girl opened up to her most faithful friends, relatives and colleagues, and then gradually to everyone she knew. Foster explained why she did not openly discuss her preferences, despite the fact that her orientation was not a secret in Hollywood: “If you have been a public figure from an early age, if you had to fight for a normal life, then you should also value your private life. above all.”


28-year-old actress Ellen Page came out last year on Valentine's Day at the Campaign for Human Rights LGBT conference in Las Vegas. Ellen told her parents about herself at the age of 19, but pressure from society and the film industry kept her in hiding for 7 years. “I'm tired of hiding and I'm tired of doing nothing. For many years I suffered because I was afraid to confess. My spirit suffered, my mental he alth suffered, and my relationships suffered. And today I stand on the other side of all this pain,” admitted Ellen.


On March 29, 2010, singer Ricky Martin confessed his homosexuality on his official website in both Spanish and English and added: "I am very lucky to be who I am." Later on the Oprah Winfrey show, the artist spoke about his act: “I just couldn’t take it anymore. But, more importantly, I thought about my children, about what I can teach them - is it possible to lie? I accepted myself for who I am even before I decided to become a father, but when I took the children in my arms, I realized that it was time to tell the whole world. When I sent that message, I felt alone - and a huge relief. The moment I hit the submit button, my assistant walked in… and I started crying. I wept because I felt free - or rather freed.”


In October 2011, Star Trek and American Horror Story star Zachary Quinto came out in an interview with New York magazine. Moreover, the actor confessed as if in passing. During the conversation, they talked about a wave of suicides among gay teenagers driven to despair by peer bullying, and in particular about the suicide of 14-year-old Jamie Roadmeyer from Buffalo, to which Zachary replied: “I, being gay, feel that there is still a lot of a lot of work to be done." The actor was referring to his work supporting LGBT organizations and mental he alth services.


On February 11, 2012, actor Matt Bomer, accepting the award at the Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, thanked his husband, publicist Simon Halls, and their three children from the stage for teaching him selfless love. “I didn’t think that this confession would cause such a resonance,” Matt said later in an interview with the gay magazine Out.


Musician Frank Ocean admitted to being homosexual on US Independence Day - July 4, 2012. Frank wrote on his blog that his first love was a man: “During the days that we were together, time seemed to dissolve. Most of the day I saw only him and his smile. We often fell asleep together. When I realized that I fell in love with him, it was terrible. Because it's hopeless." Ocean became the first r'nb musician to open up about his same-sex relationship. Based on materials from

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