6 easy recipes for a clean and shiny bathroom

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6 easy recipes for a clean and shiny bathroom
6 easy recipes for a clean and shiny bathroom

You don't have to call the Fairy to spruce up your bathroom. Cleanliness and comfort are easy to restore and maintain thanks to these simple tips.

How to return the fabulous cleanliness of the bathroom: 6 simple tips

Clean bathroom

I'm not wearing this to the ball, godmother

Stubborn stains on a plastic toilet seat can be removed by soaking it in bleach paste for 15-20 minutes. If this does not help, rub with a fine sandpaper or pumice stone with bleach. Didn't help again? Yes, what is it, there is absolutely nothing to go in. Throw away and buy a new one.

Good old limescale on faucets

Place a cloth soaked in vinegar over the faucets and let it soak overnight. In hard-to-reach places, our good friend Old Tooth Fairy will help … Brush. After - wash off with warm water and soap. Repeat this regularly and you will always have a clean bath!

Yellow brick tiles

The seams on the tile can be cleaned of mold with an old toothbrush dipped in chlorine solution. Pure chlorine-based toilet cleaner or bleach with water 1:4.

Scrub the copper

Brass and bronze interior parts are cleaned with a paste of soda and lemon juice. Lightly rub the tarnishes with the paste, leave for a few minutes and polish with a dry, clean cloth. Other DIY cleaning products.

When Kapitoshka doesn't come

Calcium deposits in the shower head clog it and pour water weaker and past. Soak a watering can overnight in a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water for a clean bathroom.

But lives without any glory among the green oak forests

Ah, you vile glass! Splashes from hairspray on the mirror are removed with a swab with alcohol or nail polish remover. Here, now you can repeat: “Am I the cutest in the world?”

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