6 marriage traps we can fall into

6 marriage traps we can fall into
6 marriage traps we can fall into

Everyone understands that family life is not a path strewn with violets and candies, but few people think that sometimes marriage is a real trap. On the surface, everything may be fine, but in fact the woman in this marriage is unhappy. It would seem - well, let him get divorced, right? But not everything is so simple. No one is immune from falling into cunning marriage traps. The main thing is to know how they look, and not to get caught is already a matter of technique.

6 marriage traps we can fall into
6 marriage traps we can fall into


Whether we like it or not, stereotypes influence us. Is it supposed to get married? So it's necessary. The question is, well, who cares if a woman is married or not? But everyone considers it his duty to inquire when she will finally be ringed. It doesn’t matter if the girl is single or she has a boyfriend: in the first case, they will say: “What are you pulling, the clock is ticking”, in the second: “He does not take you seriously, otherwise he would have married long ago.” It's not as easy to resist as it seems. You can laugh it off, you can try to ignore these attacks, but one fine day we think - maybe something is really wrong with us, since there is still no stamp in the passport? Everything, the trap slammed shut. Now an unmarried life - it seems like not life, but only its rehearsal. I'll get married - and I'll live!

But if you think about it sensibly - is it worth spending your one and only life worrying about a stamp in your passport? A happy marriage is equally beautiful at twenty and at thirty-five. Honestly, honestly.


Unbelievable but true: the opinion of complete strangers sometimes affects our personal lives. And this, of course, is not our fault. If a girl is taught from an early age to consider her own actions in the light of the opinions of others, she will be dependent on this very opinion in all difficult situations. “Why did you climb a tree in a dress? You are a girl! And don't be ashamed, people are looking at you!" - that's how it all starts. The continuation is sad and predictable - “Why did you get married then? Be patient, you're a woman!”

It is important to understand that the feeling of guilt for some actions in this case is not true, but imposed. Your personal life is yours and yours alone.


This is the same road to hell, paved with good intentions. At the beginning of a relationship, both a man and a woman try to seem better than they are, this is completely natural. And the girls' favorite game in this case is the game of being a wonderful hostess and the most caring woman on earth. Of course, it is very nice to pamper your loved one with a delicious dinner or give him a beautiful shirt. The problem is that sometimes a woman herself does not notice how she turns into a second mother for an overgrown kid. And now he is no longer able to heat himself a bowl of soup, does not know how to turn on the washing machine and where to buy socks for himself. Well, how do you leave him, such a helpless one, right? The trap of pity is one of the strongest. Well, it's natural for us to be sorry.

And if you think about it - what will happen to an adult, able-bodied person if a woman stops caring for him? Never mind. Either he will learn to take care of himself, or he will return under his mother's wing. Will figure it out, in general.


It's not even a trap, it's the most natural prison cell. Because, even if the young lady had problems with self-esteem from a young age, the years of marriage should have strengthened her in the thought that, of course, someone needs her. Why did it happen the other way around? Because it was her husband who imperceptibly but systematically undermined her self-confidence. And now she is already sure that she is fat, stupid, ugly and generally old. No one needs one, which means there is nothing to try to leave. Bingo! The husband can do what he wants - she will not go anywhere now.

This is no longer a joke, but a real family violence, albeit without physical assault. There is no need to think. Here you have to run. Fast. And away.


It certainly is. Family is really the most important thing, there is nothing more important. But what is a family? This is mutual love, this is support, this is the happiness of every day lived together. And in itself, the presence of a man nearby is not a family. And this is where the trap lies. The visibility of the family, as it seems to the woman, supports her: so what if we have problems, but I'm not alone, I have a rear. She does not think about the fact that this very rear draws more resources from her than the difficulties of a lonely life would pull. Especially if this rear is on the couch for the eighth year, claiming to be looking for a job.

The situation becomes more complicated if the couple has children. But, on the other hand, who knows, maybe there is a man nearby with whom you can really start a family, and not this kind of her. Why waste time on a surrogate?


Many young ladies dream of the day when their beloved will say: dear, I earn enough, why do you need to work? And then they will finally have time for everything: for themselves, for their family, for their home, for their children, and so on. This is wonderful, of course, and at this moment I don’t want to think about the future at all. But the future is still unpredictable. And unfortunately, if the relationship has cracked, the woman seems to have nowhere to go: the husband bought the apartment, professional skills were lost over time, there is no work experience. And what to do?

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