Out of Age: 7 wardrobe items that age you

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Out of Age: 7 wardrobe items that age you
Out of Age: 7 wardrobe items that age you

Some things can add not seriousness and elegance, but a dozen years.

Not by age: 7 wardrobe items that age you
Not by age: 7 wardrobe items that age you

You can age yourself not only with inept makeup, but also with improperly selected clothes. 7 wardrobe items that are not easy to wear - in our new selection!


Pearl string of beads for many girls is synonymous with elegance, but it can easily "throw" you a few extra years. If you really love pearls, opt for fancy designer jewelry with one or two large pearls (but not the "classic" white color).


There are fabrics, clothes from which it is better not to wear until the "elegant age" - this is tweed (a tweed suit will instantly turn any girl into an unforgettable Miss Marple), jacquard, brocade. But velvet does not have a similar effect if you wear it in unusual combinations, for example, a velvet jacket with leather skinny and sneakers.


Let's make a reservation right away - it is shapeless, and not thoughtful and fashionable oversized. A shapeless "bag" designed to hide the results of shamelessly eating sweets throughout the winter will make you a woman of indeterminate age. And even bigger in appearance.


And we are not talking about jeans that were last worn in the 10th grade, but are still stored in the closet in the hope of losing weight to school 50 kg. It's about trying to "younger" - a 40-year-old woman who stubbornly dresses in a "youthful" style does not look younger.


A gray or, even worse, a brown two-piece office suit is definitely not for anyone. Even if you don't think your job deserves a careful selection of clothes ("If only your boss doesn't bother you with dress code reminders!"), try some interesting options for office looks. For example, replace indistinct trousers with pipe trousers, and put on a thin matching strap on a fitted jacket.


Glasses can make you the secret dream of the entire male half of the office and that same handsome brunette from the 15th floor, but only if they are not cheap glasses with thick glasses in cloudy horn-rimmed. This option is able to "kill" even the most fashionable image.


The heel should either be high or not at all (the exception is kitten heel pumps with a baby hairpin). There is no third. A small, stable heel, combined with a wide “comfortable” nose, does not look very attractive, and besides, you can find comfortable and at the same time beautiful shoes in stores for a long time. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: Legion Media.

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