How long is it safe for a child to be stupid on a tablet?

How long is it safe for a child to be stupid on a tablet?
How long is it safe for a child to be stupid on a tablet?

Remember the notations of your mothers and grandmothers "Don't watch TV for a long time, will you break your eyes?" It's our turn to take over. But now we are talking about other electronic devices.

How long is it safe for a child to be stupid in a tablet?

Almost every modern child spends time playing games on their phone or tablet. No, he won't break his eyes, but to earn problems with the spine - a young growing organism can be non-illusory.

Researchers from Melbourne have collected depressing statistics that children who spent more than half an hour on tablets without a break almost without exception need posture correction. Also, they are at high risk in adulthood of having all the pleasures of cervical osteochondrosis and the headaches it causes.

The thing is that a child or teenager who is passionate about the game does not notice how long he keeps the static tension of the neck muscles. At the same time in an unnatural position for the spine. Yes, for the entire period of evolution, not a single one of our ancestors so selflessly, for hours, looked at a single banana, as our children do now. Therefore, Mother Nature for many centuries did not have time to prepare us for such a mockery of herself.

What to do?

Just don't be under the illusion that you can take away the tablet and solve the problem. Will not work.

The only sure way is to explain to the cub that every half an hour it must be interrupted, and interrupted for no less than the same half an hour.

During the break, he must move, and actively. No, don't do homework, it's the same pose. He needs to hang on the horizontal bar, stretch his neck, stand on the wrestling bridge with an emphasis on his head. Run and rage. Sweep up your room, or go shopping with you, after all. Any motor activity that accelerates the blood.

Some hardcore gamers (adults) manage to successfully combine online games with physical activity. For example, for every battle lost on the Internet - 10 push-ups or 5 pull-ups. Nice solution, why not give it a try?

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