And then I decided: "I'm getting married"! 10 stories of happy husbands

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And then I decided: "I'm getting married"! 10 stories of happy husbands
And then I decided: "I'm getting married"! 10 stories of happy husbands

What goes on in a man's head when he decides: "Well, it seems that I found THAT ONE?" A few short stories from the first person - funny, sad and touching - will lift the veil of secrecy.

And then I decided: "I'm getting married!" 10 stories of happy husbands

1. And, of course, it's better to laugh in unison. “We went to the movies with a big group. The movie was pretty stupid, but one girl was laughing in exactly the same places as me. I found out who she was and asked her out on a date. We've been laughing at trouble together for a quarter of a century and having fun at jokes that no one else understands.”

2. Cry too. “My father died a couple of years before I met my future wife. Every time I talked about him, tears welled up in my eyes, and she, too, began to sniffle. She is generally a very understanding and sympathetic girl, I was very lucky to have her.”

3. The book is the best matchmaker. “We decided to try to live together. And when each of us unpacked our books, it turned out that we had many of the same. That's when I thought we were really kindred spirits.”

4. Rudeness on the roads. “I usually yell at the wheel when someone cuts me off. Most of my friends told me their "Fi!" about this. And then she was driving the car, she was cut off, and she gave out such a thing - I'm afraid to repeat it. That's when I decided that this is the girl of my dreams.”

5. Attraction of unprecedented shyness. “I am a self-confident person, and I have never climbed into my pocket with girls for a word. And with her, he blushed like a teenager. It's a miracle she found it touching and we were able to start a relationship after all."

6. I need your clothes, motorcycle, hand and heart. "I jokingly asked her to tell me a bedtime story, and she began to retell Terminator 2 in full detail. I was impressed."

7. You are my melody. “My friend and I were at the music store. I said I love Stratocasters, and suddenly I realized that the word "love" is more suitable for my girlfriend than even for the coolest guitar in the world!

8. She spat on her fear. “My current wife was terrified of flying. But one day she gave me a skydive for my birthday and agreed to join. It was brave, even though she vomited all the way from jumping off the plane to landing.”

9. Attention is key. “The album with most of my CDs was stolen from me. And for the first joint New Year, she gave me almost all the records that I lost. How did she remember? I barely mentioned them.”

10. Smart Elsa. “My girlfriend and I were walking in the autumn park, and she suddenly began to tell how she dreams of becoming a mother one day. And compose funny stories about our kids: how the eldest took time off to visit with an overnight stay, and the youngest was jealous that they let him go. But visiting the elder became scared and uncomfortable, and he asked to go home … I didn’t want children before, but then I clearly imagined our family life, and I liked it. Source:, photo: fotoimedia.

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