Presnyakov: I'm henpecked, and I like it wildly

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Presnyakov: I'm henpecked, and I like it wildly
Presnyakov: I'm henpecked, and I like it wildly

Musician Vladimir Presnyakov considers his relationship with his wife, Natalia Podolskaya, ideal.

Presnyakov: I'm henpecked, and I like it wildly

Who is in charge of raising a child?

-Years up to five -mother. And then dad should teach men's skills. Although I still help Natasha with her son Artemy: I get up at night, change diapers, and rock me to sleep. It makes me so happy!

Can a woman raise a real man?

-No, only a man. A woman protects, but there are moments in which you need to show a different possible behavior. When Nikita was five years old, I literally forced him to slide down a tall slide in the water park. Thanks to Christina, she did not interfere. The son was able to overcome himself, and this experience benefited him. Proud of him, he has grown into a real man.

Women like to think that they control men

-That's right. By the age of 47, I have come to the conclusion that most of the time your advice is very smart, and I often agree with a woman's opinion if it is not based on emotions. I like that a woman rules. Yes, I'm henpecked, and I like it wildly! I understand this, Tusya's wife understands this, and for both of us this is a very fun and convenient game.

Should a man take care of his appearance?

-Today, a man must be well-dressed, well-groomed, even with a pedicure. Gone are the days of crooked nails and dirty socks. Yes, when I was in boarding school, I thought that socks were worn for a week. Thank God, life has taught me to change them every day.

Does your couple get jealous?

-No, mine doesn't. It destroys families, it hurts. Therefore, no.

Can a woman have male friends?

-Yes, of course.

So Natalia can have separate male friends from you?

-No! Well, we did. (Laughs) That would be wrong. If this happens, then the woman in the family does not receive from her husband something that she should receive. I know that I am Tusi's closest friend. Like she is with me. And this is how it should be in a harmonious marriage.

If the wife left the room and SMS comes to her phone - look?

-I'll see. I won’t read deeply, but I’ll ask: “What kind of Zhenya is this?” - for example. She will tell me who it is, I will calm down on that. It is necessary to stop such encroachments in oneself - to get into personal correspondence.

Often, musicians do not advertise their marital status, so as not to disappoint their fans. You chose a different strategy…

-My priority is my family and everything related to it, and only then everything else. My parents have always been the same way. I have seen for many years how tenderly and respectfully they treat each other. No one ever spoke in raised tones in our house, only jokes, ha ha, hee hee. And it's the same with Natasha.

Usually men don't like it when a woman changes her appearance drastically. What if tomorrow Natasha becomes a short-haired blonde?

-Oh, I'd love to! Don't mind at all.

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