The child's father MakSim marries another

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The child's father MakSim marries another
The child's father MakSim marries another

It became known about the imminent wedding of the civil wife of the singer MakSim with a 21-year-old student of Moscow State University and the daughter of a deputy Lisa Bryksina. The artist gave an official comment on this matter.

Child's father MakSim marries another

Today the press learned that the singer's civil husband MakSim and the father of her youngest daughter Masha Anton Petrov are getting married this week. But not to the mother of your child. The new darling of the businessman was a student of Moscow State University, the daughter of a millionaire and a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Bryksin Liza. As it turned out, the girl was engaged in professional rhythmic gymnastics for a long time, but she did not achieve success in this area. Now the young lady is trying herself as a model.

The young people met in the spring of 2014. At that time, Petrov had already met with Maxim for several months. According to Lisa, she did not immediately reciprocate Anton, but now the bride declares that she is insanely happy. The couple will play the wedding on September 26.

This news was shocking for all fans of the artist, who, as it turned out, found out about the betrayal of her beloved while still in her seventh month of pregnancy. According to a friend of the singer Regina, MakSim loved the father of her little daughter and suffered a breakup very hard. The celebrity herself commented on the news of the imminent wedding of the former common-law spouse and 21-year-old Lisa. She regretfully told the press that she and Anton could not become one family and that she wishes him happiness.

Petrov helps the artist in raising their common daughter Masha. Now the singer and her children are preparing for a housewarming party in a spacious apartment that Anton gave her. A young mother is helped by a nanny and parents from Kazan who visit her from time to time.

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