Perennial flowers for summer cottages in northern Russia, Siberia and the Far East

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Perennial flowers for summer cottages in northern Russia, Siberia and the Far East
Perennial flowers for summer cottages in northern Russia, Siberia and the Far East

It seems that living in a cold region and floriculture are incompatible things. But if you choose the right perennial flowers that are resistant to harsh climates, your garden will look no worse than in warmer climes. We choose unpretentious perennials for giving.

Perennial flowers for giving in cold regions

Severe and rather long winters, as, for example, in Siberia and the Urals, are fatal for most perennial plants. For such cold regions, it is important to choose special hardy perennials that are cultivated specifically for these conditions.

Perennial flowers for summer cottages in the North

We have selected some beautifully blooming perennial frost-resistant flowers that will brighten up your garden no matter how warm the year is. These flowers will delight the eye from mid-spring to late summer, and some of them, such as irises, can even bloom twice a year.

  1. Crocuses. If you want to enjoy flowers in the country already in early to mid-spring, pay attention to bulbous perennials crocuses. Spring primroses winter well outdoors and tolerate cold.
  2. Irises. These beautiful purple flowers will decorate any Siberian garden - they are called "northern orchids" for a reason. These hardy perennials usually bloom in early to mid-summer. You will be surprised not only by the beauty of irises, but also by their frost resistance, because they easily survive night frosts, which often occur in Siberia and the Urals even in summer. The recommended variety for planting in the north is bristle-bearing iris.
  3. Lilies. When choosing shade-tolerant perennials, also pay attention to lilies. Especially for summer cottages in the north, the Pennsylvania species lily, or, as it is also called, Daurian, is suitable. Bright and large red-orange lily flowers will decorate your garden all summer long!

Shade-tolerant perennials

If you're looking for shade-tolerant garden flowers, perennials, look also at large-flowered drop cap, Siberian aster, and other arctic flowers such as arctic lupine. Plants that do well in mountainous regions are also suitable for your garden. They will be able to survive despite the frost and the scarcity of soil.

Perennial flower beds

Designing a flower bed in a dacha in the north is done according to the same rules as creating flower beds in any other region. Here are the basic principles for building a flower bed in the country:

  • It is recommended to use no more than 3-5 types of plants in a small flower bed.
  • Perennials should be the main flower bed, and annuals should be used as an accent to fill in the gaps.
  • Try to stick to one color scheme so that your flower bed doesn't become chaotic - it's better to make several beds if you want to use more shades.
  • Don't forget about weaving flowers for the garden. For example, among frost-resistant varieties there is a decorative clematis liana, which is perfect for decorating green hedges, arches and fences in your country house.

It's important to note that many northern perennials (roses, chrysanthemums, etc.) require shelter in winter, so make sure you get the right covering material. Before sheltering perennials for the winter, also hill up with sawdust, dry leaves, or special insulating materials that will help your beautiful flower garden survive the winter cold.

What perennial flowers do you prefer to give in the north? Share your experience!

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