Shabby chic wedding

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Shabby chic wedding
Shabby chic wedding

A shabby chic wedding is a holiday that your guests will remember for a long time. And photos taken in a shabby chic wedding style will definitely be just amazing! After all, this is one of the most suitable options for wedding decor. Want to know why?

Shabby chic wedding

Shabby chic is a very romantic style. This phrase is translated as "shabby chic." Of course, a shabby chic wedding isn't for everyone, but if you love vintage love letters, delicate, powdery hues, large estates with beautiful gardens, antiques and retro, you should definitely style your wedding this way.


So, you decided to try and create a special style for your holiday. Be prepared for the fact that you have to work hard. It is important that this direction is observed in everything - from the design of the wedding hall to the dress.

For such a wedding, a large, old house with a rose garden is perfect. If there is no opportunity to find such a mansion, opt for an outdoor gazebo or a bright, spacious restaurant. Now many establishments are decorated in the Provence style - just such a restaurant will suit you.

The design of the hall must be done in bright colors. It is best to use creamy, muted shades. Try to add as many cute details as possible - candles, lanterns (not red, of course!), candlesticks, caskets, figurines, pillows, vases … Antique birdcages, family service, lace napkins, as well as wedding napkins can also be used as decorative elements. flower arrangements.


The highlight of any wedding is the wedding cake. "Shabby chic" requires the cake to be delicate and preferably tiered. For decor, use figurines, lace, as well as roses or other fresh flowers. The color of a shabby chic wedding cake should be light pink or beige, although other shades such as lilac, blue or turquoise will do.


Handmade invitations and other wedding accessories made by yourself and with love, even if not perfect (and "shabby chic" does not require perfection!) - the best option. Thanks to numerous master classes, you can decorate your wedding beautifully, even if you have never done anything with your own hands before.



Wedding invitations, as already mentioned, are best made with your own hands or to order. These should be cute handmade cards, decorated with lace, decorative flowers or birds. They must be signed by hand.


For the decor of the wedding you will need festive glasses. In the process of preparing for the wedding, you will get a lot of pleasure decorating this dish! After all, it can be left as a keepsake. Use decorative flowers and ribbons. Glasses made of colored glass or crystal are also suitable. The main thing is that they have a touch of retro.


Another traditional wedding accessory is decorated bottles on tables. For decoration, lace is best suited. Try to use less silk and shiny fabrics, give preference to natural materials. Ideally, replace ordinary bottles with transparent carafes.


The image of a bride at a shabby chic wedding, a photo of how the main character of the celebration should look like is a topic for a separate discussion. If you have chosen "shabby chic" for your wedding, you already have a rough idea of ​​​​how your wedding dress should be. As much tenderness, lace, lightness and airiness as possible - these are the main rules. Don't try to be traditional in choosing a shabby chic wedding dress, pay attention to cream shades, not just pure white ones. Don't forget the vintage earrings and other jewelry that you inherited from your grandmother. Feel free to decorate your hair with fresh flowers, use vintage brooches and whatever you like, because a shabby chic wedding is your holiday, which should be perfect for your family.

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