What to do if nail polish spills

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What to do if nail polish spills
What to do if nail polish spills

Oops, it happened, and the polish hasn't dried yet. What can be done?

How to clean up spilled nail polish

General recommendations

Immediately blot the stain with a swab and a little nail polish remover. Small because you do not need to dissolve the stain more and drive it deeper. Blot again and again with new swabs until the stain is so pale that it can no longer be removed.

It's much better if you have nail polish thinner at home - this tool will remove varnish from surfaces much more effectively than regular nail polish remover. But don't risk things by running out for a new product if the varnish has already spilled - time is important, because the varnish dries very quickly. Better buy a small bottle of thinner the next time you go shopping at the beauty store.

After this…

Synthetic fabrics

Never use nail polish remover on synthetic fabrics. In all conscience, synthetic clothing is then only discarded. You can try liquid without acetone, but chances are low. If the thing is very dear to you, try to find some kind of progressive dry cleaning. Yes, but now you can bury.

Natural fabrics

If your natural fabric is washable, wash it normally. Remaining stains can be removed with liquid bleach. Just try it on an inconspicuous part first, make sure you don't damage the pattern.


Cut off the ends of the soiled strands with nail scissors.

Hard surfaces

First, blot the stain with a paper towel, and then with the same wet swab with nail polish remover. Don't pour too much liquid. Caution, varnished surfaces may be damaged: check in an inconspicuous area. After removing the varnish, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and polish with a dry one.

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