7 makeup mistakes that can unintentionally age you

7 makeup mistakes that can unintentionally age you
7 makeup mistakes that can unintentionally age you

Makeup is the strongest weapon in the hands of a woman, which is very easy to direct against herself. A couple of stupid moves and instead of looking younger, you add a few years to yourself. We have identified the 7 most common makeup mistakes that can age you.

7 makeup mistakes that can unintentionally age you



Ah, those magical bottles that, according to the ads, will turn you into a gorgeous mulatto, without the agonizing hours of lying on the beach. Everything would be fine, but it seems that no one has yet been able to achieve a perfectly even application of self-tanning on the whole body. The handle is like this, the leg is like this, either a giraffe or a grilled chicken. And on the face, this magical remedy tends to get into all the wrinkles that become like the Grand Canyon. Even if before that there were inconspicuous cute "bird's feet" in the corners of the eyes. Yes, and it is not possible already.


Of course, the morning after a great night out, we hope no one notices. The main thing is to smear the face with foundation more densely. Does he hide everything? As a result, ONLY the foundation on your face is visible to others. Too dark - and the face is separated from the light neck, too light, and you are the bride of Dracula. Seek balance and remember that skin darkens with age. Entrust the most problematic points on the face to the corrector.


No, they don't have to be as thin as a thread. Vera's advice from "Office Romance" is hopelessly outdated. Now thick, natural eyebrows are in fashion, giving the face a fresh look. According to experts, they can rejuvenate your look by up to five years. Therefore, leave the tweezers alone, but rather draw the missing hairs with a pencil and designate the shape as a whole with eyebrow shadows of a suitable shade.


Excess powder, over foundation and concealer, are makeup mistakes that will finally try to turn you into a sweet old lady. She will gather in all the folds, get into wrinkles, over the foundation, and will try to emphasize all the flaky areas. If you are over 35, forget compact powders. Use mineral loose and brushes. And do not forget, the ideal option is to powder the T-zone (forehead and nose), and a little on the middle of the cheek or chin, strictly avoiding areas under the eyes. And of course, brush off the excess. See also 6 bad hairstyles that make you look older.

Insidious Shadows

Your moms must have proudly smeared their eyelids with smuggled blue shadows. But do you have much more choice? So remember that cold shades are an eye makeup mistake that will easily add a couple of years to you. Whereas, matte light shadows in warm natural shades (brown, beige, etc.) will make you look younger. Remember that mother-of-pearl in the corner of the eye can insidiously show all the wrinkles, while in the middle of the eye, mother-of-pearl shadows can be used as an accent that will make the eyes shine.


With age, the number and length of eyelashes decreases. Come on! - you say and take up the mascara, which gives volume. Thin, weak lashes break down and stick together, giving you weird, "hairy" eyes that accentuate the imperfection of the skin around them. It is better to opt for a lengthening mascara, the blackest you can find - it brightens the eyes.


The lip line, alas, also suffers from age. Just applying lipstick is no longer enough - it blurs and instead of lips you see all this here. It will save a contour pencil with which you can draw a beautiful contour. Remember that bright and dark lipsticks visually make lips thinner, while glosses of natural tones, on the contrary, increase them. 12 more makeup mistakes that make you look older.

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