So that the hair does not fly around with the leaves: the rules of autumn care

So that the hair does not fly around with the leaves: the rules of autumn care
So that the hair does not fly around with the leaves: the rules of autumn care

The more time you spent in the summer in the sun, the more intense the autumn care should be. How exactly to care for hair in the autumn - in our material.

So that the hair does not fly around with the leaves: the rules of autumn care

“Ultraviolet exposure leads to the breakdown and loss of hair lipids and proteins,” says Dove Global Expert Katya Ivanova. “As a result, the hair becomes dry, stiff, and split ends appear.” In addition, with the onset of cold weather, curls begin to experience additional stress due to temperature changes and dry indoor air. Your task is to work ahead of the curve. After all, everyone knows that preventing problems is much easier than correcting their consequences.


Try mild sulfate-free products - they won't dry out your hair or irritate your scalp. With the start of the headwear season, delicate shampoos can be combined with cleansing or sebum-regulating products that contain lemon or sage extracts. This combination will provide the necessary care to the scalp and maintain the natural elasticity and softness of the hair itself.


In the autumn-winter period, it is worth focusing on hair nutrition. “The goal of nutritious foods is to restore lipid (fat) balance,” explains Alexander Ten, Davines National Master Trainer. - Lipids in the composition of the products provide deeper care and a complex effect - soften the hair, improve its structure, add shine and maintain hydrobalance. Products based on argan, jojoba, shea oils show good results.”


Indelible care in the fall will be especially useful. They will help remove static electricity, protect hair from overdrying and temperature changes. Remember, the thinner the hair, the lighter in texture the products should be. Leonid Romanov, creative partner of L’Oréal Professional, recommends using shampoos and conditioners with grape seed and avocado oils in autumn.


"A he althy diet with plenty of protein is essential for shiny hair," says stylist and colorist Alex Contier. - Try rinsing your head with water and lemon juice - the acid presses the keratin scales, due to which the hair becomes smoother and more radiant. But the most effective method is professional hair shine products.”


Hair loss in autumn is not uncommon. But you need to sound the alarm only if whole strands remain on the comb and on the pillow. “Losing up to 100 hairs a day is considered the norm,” says Paul Mitchell trainer Yulia Gorbatova. - No special measures need to be taken, except that once a week to do a peeling of the scalp with a special scrub. This method will increase blood circulation and help to overwinter without much loss. If the amount of hair that has fallen out clearly exceeds all norms, and even very tiny bald patches form in some areas, contact a trichologist.


To treat hair loss, mesotherapy or microcurrents are now used. A course of 7-10 procedures normalizes metabolic processes in the scalp, activates dormant hair follicles and accelerates hair growth. Modern methods give results, even if alopecia is associated with a hereditary factor. The treatment will have to be repeated periodically.


Shampoos and ampoule concentrates with proteins, mineral complex, essential oils and stimulating extracts (mint or red pepper) give good results if used regularly for 3-4 weeks. Do not be lazy to massage your scalp daily with a natural bristle brush.

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