How to recognize a man-rag

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How to recognize a man-rag
How to recognize a man-rag

We have found several signs that give a man a weak-willed mumble. You don't need a doormat man, do you?

How to recognize a rag man


  1. He doesn't know how to use the phone. Or you can't get rid of this feeling. A man who is incapable of making decisions is very bad at the task of "dialing a number and discussing everything verbally." It is much easier for him to text you, send you a message on WhatsApp, Facebook or even on Twitter. Yes, at least send a carrier pigeon, just not to call. And, most likely, you will not succeed either - the "texter" always has a lot of original reasons not to pick up the phone, especially if you want to discuss a relationship.
  2. He often apologizes. And even when you can do without it. Such a man tries to get away from any conflicts, and over the years of practice he has learned: he said “I'm sorry”, which means that bribes are smooth from you. The magic word in his mouth (or rather, in messages) acquires such diverse, although always touching, shades that, well, just hug and cry. Of course, you will forgive him five missed calls, a week of complete silence, and even a failed date. And you will be left with nothing, because in fact the rag man does not regret anything he has done. More precisely, about not committed.
  3. He constantly uses phrases like "I had to", "I was forced", "I was forced" and the words "I'll try", "I'll try", "I'll try". Today he was forced to be late for work, so the boss made him stay late in the evening. He tried to call you to say that he would try to meet, but so far nothing is clear. In extreme cases - that is, when you directly ask "well, what?" - the prefixes disappear from the verbs, and the man just “trying” and “trying”. Right at this very minute. Don't you see his efforts? Heartless egoist! How to make a man out of a rag.
  4. Your meetings are not like romantic dates. And somehow it turns out that you organize them mainly. And if he does this, then it would be better not to do it at all - it turns out to be very insulting in the end. His invitation can sound as veiled as you like, from “maybe we will cross?” even to “let's go for a drink?”, but not with a simple phrase “let's meet, I want to see you.” It seems that the man avoids direct proposals. Suddenly you decide that the confrontation is appointed in the registry office? By the way, reaching an agreement with such a person is half the battle. On the spot, it may turn out that he is late for an hour, mixed up the cafe, the day of the week, or even waits for you not alone, but with friends: “The guys passed by, I couldn’t drive them away!” But even this alignment is considered lucky, because, most likely, the rag man will cancel the meeting at the very last moment. Under a pretense more stupid than you've ever heard.
  5. He can throw a tantrum out of nowhere. Yes, he came drunk (“Sorry, colleagues called after work, unfortunately, I couldn’t refuse”) on a date, but who are you to nag him? And anyway, how dare you talk like that? Don't rush! The rag man is a true master of the "best defense is attack" strategy. The avalanche of anger that hits you will definitely not be commensurate with the reason for which the noise arose, but the goal of the screamer is to show his teeth and fluff his tail, and not solve the problem. Especially since it doesn't really exist.
  6. His ex-girlfriend doesn't look like a self-loving person. At least she looks so bad that you want to take her to the gym, make up and dress up. “And how did such a cool man end up next to this girl?” - you will be surprised at the very beginning of the relationship. But then it becomes clear that it was not he, but she, an iron lady gifted with a not frail self-conceit, endured his antics. By the way, are you sure that this passion is a former one? It is quite possible that in fact your rag man is just breaking up with her. That is, trying to break up. Wish them both happiness, and look for yours elsewhere.

Comment by psychologist Alexei Sivov: how to make a man out of a rag

"The man-rag often smiles with or without reason. It is difficult to force him to take action and it is very difficult to get a specific answer - when, where and how? Sometimes he really infuriates himself - after all, they agreed, but this one faded at the last moment. Other qualities are the desire to postpone any business for later, hysteria, inability (more precisely, unwillingness) to defend one's own position. Yes, and he will not always support you either. During a conflict with your mother, you may suddenly find that he took her side instead of standing up for you. All these are psychological games in which you are persistently involved. Sometimes they have their own pleasure, but for winning (and, what is more offensive, for losing), you always have to pay the price. Yes, you can take on the role of a leader in such a relationship, but you will never know for sure whether a man is following you, like an attached one, or for no reason suddenly “rolled off” to an alternate airfield. Source:, photo: Getty Images.

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