Yulia Baranovskaya spoke about her divorce from Andrey Arshavin and new love

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Yulia Baranovskaya spoke about her divorce from Andrey Arshavin and new love
Yulia Baranovskaya spoke about her divorce from Andrey Arshavin and new love

TV presenter, answering personal questions in the program "Alone with Everyone", made an unexpected confession and spoke about her new love.

Yulia Baranovskaya spoke about the divorce from Andrey Arshavin and new love

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya after a difficult breakup with her civil husband, football player Andrey Arshavin, remained silent for a long time and did not comment on her husband's departure. After nine years of living with an athlete, Yulia was left alone with three children: Artem, Yana and the younger Arseniy. Now, Baranovskaya's views on the family and the formalization of relations have changed dramatically.

The TV presenter recently became a guest of Yulia Menshova's program "Alone with Everyone" on Channel One, where she spoke about her experiences, the reasons for the discord with her husband and her own current life. The young mother admitted that she now considers the birth of children and the creation of a family to be wrong without formalizing the marriage. It is this fact that she calls her main mistake. According to Yulia, if she and Arshavin were scheduled, then she would not have to take part in a humiliating lawsuit over the division of property.

When Andrei left his family, he, from the point of view of the law, did not bear any responsibility to his common-law wife and three children, whom, as it turned out, the football player does not visit and is not interested in their life. That is why Baranovskaya strongly recommends that all lovers learn from her mistakes and immediately register a marriage when a child appears.

Celebrity admitted that every cloud has a silver lining. After all, only after parting with her beloved, she was able to make her own career in journalism, which she dreamed of from a young age. She said that now everything is fine with her - both financially and morally. Also, the star made an unexpected confession in the program. Julia said that a person appeared in her life with whom she likes to be together. The TV presenter stressed that she has no relationship, and she is not looking for a father for her children, who already have him. According to Baranovskaya, at this stage she enjoys the company of a man she likes, whose identity has not yet been revealed.

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