House made of timber: which interior to choose

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House made of timber: which interior to choose
House made of timber: which interior to choose

Real Russia is hard to imagine without village log houses. That is why it is so nice to support the traditions and culture of our country in the interior of a country house made of timber. We find out what should be taken into account so that your country house is both modern and cozy at the same time.

Timber house interior: traditional or modern?

Wooden houses made of timber are traditional not only for our country, but also for other northern regions, for example, for Finland. However, it was the Russian interiors of country houses made of timber that gained popularity all over the world. Our rustic style has become the prototype of Russia in films, books and in the minds of residents of other countries and formed the basis of the so-called "Russian style", which is now actively used in the design of restaurants and not only. How to create a country house design from logs in your country house?

Modern timber house interiors

If you chose the interior of a country house from a log, you are lucky, because you do not need to spend a lot of effort and imagination on interior decoration. After all, natural logs are very beautiful. In addition, now eco-friendly interiors are becoming more and more fashionable. Thus, the material for decorating the house is determined in advance. It is, of course, a tree. Processed boards and classic parquet are suitable for finishing a log house from a log. Walls can be decorated with the same panels if for some reason you do not like the look of logs indoors.

Logs in the interiors of country houses made of timber are usually used to decorate either one wall or the entire room. If you choose the second option, you will end up with a more traditional house style. It is important to consider not only the quality and appearance of the logs, but also their size, as it has a serious impact on the perception of the room. So, for a spacious room, choose logs of a large size, and for a small house - a beam of a smaller diameter.

If you are limited in funds or for some other reason want to decorate the interior of a country house using imitation timber, the decor and atmosphere will not suffer from this. The lining, which imitates timber, is suitable for both interior and exterior decoration.

By the way, a log house does not have to be decorated in the Russian style. There are other destinations that will suit you.

Interiors of country houses from timber: design directions

And what interior of a country house from a bar do you prefer?

  • Russian hut. A design familiar to anyone who has ever been to a traditional country house. The log walls here are successfully complemented by a lot of home textiles, simple furniture and, of course, a Russian stove.
  • Chalet. Alpine style ski resorts - wooden walls, a cozy fireplace made of stone, animal skins on the floor and solid furniture made from natural materials.
  • Scandinavian style. Lots of light, functional (but not pretentious) furniture and smooth, finished surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in different countries. This is a good and modern solution for the interior of a house made of timber in a modern style.
  • Country. A style close to both a chalet and a Russian hut, but a little more refined. Country music is characterized by the use of saturated colors, as well as more modern materials - not only logs and boards, but also plaster are suitable for wall decoration.

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