Tragedies on the set of films: from Brandon Lee to Sergei Bodrov

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Tragedies on the set of films: from Brandon Lee to Sergei Bodrov
Tragedies on the set of films: from Brandon Lee to Sergei Bodrov

Working on a film is not only huge fees of stars, spotlights and the red carpet. It happens that actors risk their lives to get exactly the shot that is needed. We've found 10 movies that had horrendous tragedies on set - including the death of an artist.

Terrifying incidents that happened during the filming of films


Actor Brandon Lee died

In 1994, while shooting a scene where the main character, played by Brandon Lee, was shot, a real live cartridge was found in the barrel. The shot hit the actor in the stomach, after which Brandon Lee died before qualified medical assistance arrived. The actor was only 28 years old.


Sergey Bodrov Jr. died

Sergei Bodrov Jr. died on the set of the film "The Messenger" after the Kolka glacier collapsed in the Karmadon Gorge, causing a stone avalanche. 130 people died that day, 23 of whom were crew members. The death of Sergei Bodrov still causes pain in the hearts of his fans and the hope that the director of the picture survived. Nevertheless, Bodrov's body was never found.


12-year-old actress Heather O'Rourke dies

At the time of filming the mystical film "Poltergeist" actress Heather O'Rourke was only 12 years old. The girl suddenly caught a bad cold due to overexertion during work and ended up in the hospital. Little Heather passed away the next day.


Actor Yevgeny Urbansky died

He died on the set of a film in 1965. The scene in the movie "Director", where the car had to jump from the dune, had to be repeated to make it more complex and realistic. However, the car overturned, and actor Yevgeny Urbansky, who performed the stunt, received numerous injuries and fractures. Unfortunately, he could not be saved.

The Twilight Zone

Actor Vic Morrow and two young children died

One of the most horrifying tragedies to ever happen on film sets is the death of Vic Morrow in 1983. In one scene, Vic Morrow runs across the lake with the children (Mick Ding Lee, who was 7, and Renee Chen, who was 6). Explosions rumbled in the background, and a helicopter circled over the lake, the flight of which became fatal that day. Due to a mistake by the pyrotechnicians, the tail rotor was damaged, and the helicopter began to fall right into the lake where the actors were. Screw blades decapitated the girl Ding Li and the actor Vic Morrow. The boy also died on the spot from a terrible blow.

Illusion of Deception

Actress Isla Fisher almost died

"Illusion of Deception" is a beautiful film with powerful effects. However, one of them almost became the last in the life of actress Isla Fisher. During the escape scene from the glass chamber filled with water, the actress nearly drowned. The chains that bound her legs became tangled, causing the actress to spend three minutes underwater.

Wizard of Oz

Actress Margaret Hamilton burned her face

Actress Margaret Hamilton played the role of the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. During the filming of the scene with the disappearance of her heroine, an accident occurred: an explosion due to a faulty secret hatch inflicted third-degree burns on the actress. Source:

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