Order in the wallet. Spend 10 minutes on finances

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Order in the wallet. Spend 10 minutes on finances
Order in the wallet. Spend 10 minutes on finances

Few people know how to closely control their purchases, accurately calculating what you can spend money on this month. If you often buy things on the spur of the moment and live in a sense of financial chaos, it is useless to radically change your attitude towards money, trying to rebuild your entire familiar life in an instant. Start with small changes that will allow you to gradually streamline your family budget and learn how to spend money more wisely.

Purse in order. Spend 10 minutes on finances

To put things in order in the family budget, cardinal changes are not always required. Start with small steps that will make it easier for you to control your income and expenses.


If you still do not use the Internet service for checking bills and paying for services, take 10 minutes to register on the bank's website or download the application to your phone. Many banks charge a lower percentage for paying utility bills, fines, transfers if the service is provided online.


If you use a payroll card to pay for purchases, then you do not receive interest on the balance of money in your account. When you use an income card, 8-11% is credited to the balance of funds. In addition, cards can participate in bonus programs or have a cash-back function, when you get back part of the money spent.


If you have bank deposits that were opened more than a year ago, check the new conditions offered by banks. Over the past year, interest rates have changed several times, and it may be more profitable to close the old deposit and open a new one - on more attractive terms.


Surely you have expired bank cards in your wallet or in your closet. Take the time to come to the bank and close them. Demand that the card be destroyed in your presence, and you be given a document on account closure. This is especially important in the case of credit cards: unscrupulous banks often and after several years can contact the depositor and demand interest on loans that were supposedly not paid on time.


Are you participating in bonus programs of stores and airlines? If you are still not going to fill out an application on the site and join the programs, do it today. In most cases, accumulated bonuses can only be used for a certain period of time. Find out when points expire and redeem them before they expire.


If you haven't done this for a long time, you will surely find invoices for the purchase of boots that are torn, or warranty cards for equipment that you no longer use. Throw out everything you don't need. And scan invoices and receipts that are more than three years old and that may come in handy in the future.


Do you have things (clothes, books, movie CDs, furniture) that you haven't used for a long time? Put them up for sale - and kill two birds with one stone. First, get rid of unnecessary things, and secondly, you can earn some money.


If you work and pay taxes, you can apply for a social tax deduction for paying for children's education (kindergarten, school, university, circles and sections). The main thing is that the institution your child attends has a license for educational activities. Social deductions also apply to medical treatment (your own, your children or retired parents). If, for example, you were treated in a private clinic or gave birth to a child in a paid maternity hospital, you can return 13% of the amount spent. To do this, you need to take the 2-NDFL form at work in the accounting department, fill out the 3-NDFL form, ask for a copy of the license from the clinic or educational institution, make a copy of the contract and bring it to the tax office.

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