Trash in a bag: 13 strange items that we carry with us for some reason

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Trash in a bag: 13 strange items that we carry with us for some reason
Trash in a bag: 13 strange items that we carry with us for some reason

Remember Mary Poppins' tapestry bag that held a hell of a lot of stuff like a cot and magic potion? Or the bottomless pockets of Doctor Who, which, like the TARDIS, are larger on the inside than on the outside? If only everything-everything-everything was included in our handbag! What every tenth lady cannot part with?

Garbage in a bag: 13 strange objects that we carry with us for some reason

These are two types of items: "For memory" and "just in case".

1. Cough lollipop,falling out of the package and wrapped in a candy wrapper.

2. Empty tissue wrapper and used tissuesthat you put in your purse because there was no urn nearby.

3. A pile of crumpled cash receiptsthat you will need in your next life when you finally get around to starting to keep track of expenses.

4. A piece of paper with the phone number of the guyyou weren't going to call.

5. Small coins that are no longer taken in stores. Or they take them with grumbling: “What were you - standing on the porch?”

6. Spare swab in torn packaging.

7. Hairpins and pins (which mysteriously disappear when needed).

8. An obscenely worn scrunchie.

9. Chapstick residuethat you have to pick out with your little finger because you are too lazy to go in and buy a new one.

10. Calendar for 2005 with a metro map on the back,that doesn't have a bunch of new stations.

11. Expired coupons for a free cup of coffee or gift cards with 17 rubles 32 kopecks left.

12. Square bag from the probe with the foundation you liked, which you put it in your purse so as not to forget the name and tone.

13. Something dear to you as a memory,but looks like rubbish to the rest: a movie ticket or a Paris metro ticket, an insert from the “Love from…” gum that HE gave you on your first date…

In general, if you are fond of scrapbooking - you know where to look for pieces of sweet memories)) Based on materials from, photo: Getty Images.

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