5 life hacks to teach a child to order

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5 life hacks to teach a child to order
5 life hacks to teach a child to order

Children, unfortunately, are the main cause of disorder in the house. How to involve a child in keeping clean?

Teach kids to be organized. 5 easy tips for parents

Lead by example

It is impossible to demand from children what you do not observe yourself. Tell what you are doing and why. Start at a very young age. “You see, now I am laying out the cutlery in the cells: spoons separately, forks separately. So it’s more convenient to take them later.”

Encourage children

Praise and thank, note that you see their diligence. The child consolidates the understanding that he is doing not only a useful, but also a pleasant thing.

Select storage spaces and sign them

Supplement the inscriptions with drawings. This helps even an adult to quickly orientate when cleaning and reinforces the reading skill of young children. 8 ideas for order in the nursery.

Use your cleaning schedule and checklists

Make a rule that no matter what, at a certain time, the child puts things in order in the room or collects a portfolio for school. It was not you who interfered with his viewing of cartoons, this is your agreement with him. Even for teenagers, a to-do list helps to remember exactly what needs to be removed and what to collect for tomorrow. How else to teach a child to order.


Regularly check the nursery for unnecessary things and get rid of them. Dried felt-tip pens and paints, things that the child has grown out of, toys that are no longer interesting to him.

And the last thing - be patient and persistent. These are children.

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