11 things only a woman in heels would understand

11 things only a woman in heels would understand
11 things only a woman in heels would understand

Of course, there are things that are more difficult. For example, ride a unicycle - monocile, play the accordion and juggle at the same time. Or dance on a wire. But if people knew how you feel in your heels, they would applaud like a juggler or tightrope walker with every step.

11 things only a woman in heels will understand

1. Motorists think bad roads are their problem. Ha! They didn't try to balance on their heels between all those potholes and cracks.

2. Go on a date. Of course, you want to impress a man with slim legs and put on your most breathtaking shoes with high heels. And then he is drawn to take an endless romantic walk … I would be glad, dear. (Ah, where are you, my sneakers?)

3. Worn heels you seal with adhesive tape. It peels off safely and you walk, leaving a bloody trail behind you like a wounded fox.

4. Put on heels in the morning, and by lunchtime you dream of throwing these shoes in the trash.

5. The school habit of carrying a shift can save you. Of course, you will have to take a bigger bag, but there will come a time when ballet flats will help out a lot… For example, see paragraph 2.

6. The cobblestone pavement in the old towns looks very cool in tourist brochures. (Not as great as it feels under your feet.) And if you are going to the dacha and the path from the train runs along the dirt road, and you did not want to sacrifice the view of the city lady - oh, we sympathize.

7. That awkward moment when you thought shoes were the most comfortable because you ran in them a couple of times and then wore them to a wedding…and soon you're dying of pain.

8. You go to meet a man you haven't seen before and you want to wear high heels, but you don't know how tall he is and you're afraid of being taller and making him feel awkward.

9. You buy a pair of stilettos, a pair of high wedges, and those crazy rock style sandals, but these ones you trip on, these ones hurt your toe, and these ones hurt your heel, and they end up in the closet, and you look at them and sigh. How to make high heels more comfortable.

10. Shoes in your size cut under the bone, you took a little more - and now they are slipping off. Already 10:0 in their favor. How long?

11. “Well, I give up,” you decide and leave the house in sneakers. But their uncharacteristically flat sole makes you feel like Sandra Bullock's character in Gravity. You have to learn to walk like a normal person again. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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