How to fit a fireplace or stove into the interior of the house

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How to fit a fireplace or stove into the interior of the house
How to fit a fireplace or stove into the interior of the house

The stove in the interior of a country house has recently become a popular element of decor. Do you want to decorate the interior of the cottage with a fireplace or stove, but in doubt? We'll prove it's a good idea.

Country house interior with stove or fireplace


The first Russian stoves appeared in the 15th century, however, then they were heated only "in black". But modern pipe heaters gained popularity over 200 years ago, in the 1800s. Successful design and efficiency are the main reasons why stoves in the interior of a country house are actively used today. What are they like?

  • Classification by size. For heating large houses, large stoves are used, the dimensions of which are 1500x2300 mm and more. Due to the fact that these "Russian heaters" can be small, they can be easily installed in the interior of a small country house with a stove. Small heaters can heat a room up to 20-30 square meters well.
  • Classification by material and decor. For connoisseurs of traditions, a Russian stove finished with clay plaster and whitewash is suitable. Another design option is tiles, which give it a more elegant look. A convenient solution for a heater in the country is cast iron. Cast iron stoves for summer cottages are wood-burning, like traditional Russian ones. They are small in size and are well suited for a small country house, where they live only in the warm season.


A classic Russian stove will be the centerpiece of a Russian-style country house. It will help create a feeling of rustic comfort and warmth. In addition, you can cook on it if you equip it with tiles. This is a real family hearth, near which it is so pleasant to gather together with the whole family, chat and listen to the crackling firewood.

The stove in the interior of a country house to this day occupies a place of honor, despite the fact that now there are more modern appliances for heating and cooking. It is best to place the heater in the center of the country house. Firstly, this way you can better heat the space. Secondly, it will help divide the space, creating two rooms in the house without building additional walls.

For interior design, try to choose natural materials for wall decor - wood is best. To create an atmosphere of home warmth, use beautiful textiles (tablecloths, napkins, curtains), as well as country-style furniture. Do not forget to decorate the room with family photos and crafts of your children, put garden flowers in a vase. With these decorative elements, the interior of a country house with a stove will be so cozy that you will not want to leave for the city after the weekend.


The best solution for a small country house is a cast-iron stove. The heat that it emits will be enough to heat a small room. At the same time, a cast iron heater takes up much less space than a traditional Russian stove. You can also cook on it if you like. Some cast iron stoves are equipped with a fireplace. So if you have always dreamed of having a fireplace, this is your option! An additional advantage is the relatively low price. Installing a cast iron stove is much easier and cheaper than putting in a Russian one.

But if you still dream of a traditional white stove, this option is also suitable for a small country house. Just give preference to a small heater that fits you in size. Just imagine how cozy the interior of a country house with a stove will look like! And all doubts about installing the stove in the country will disappear by themselves.


Installing a fireplace is a guaranteed way to make a country house cozy and comfortable. It will bring warmth, peace and tranquility to your home. It will be especially pleasant to sit by the fireplace on rainy, dank evenings - to drink tea, chat with family and relax after a hard day.

Fireplaces in the interior of a country house are considered to be a luxury item, expensive and not always affordable. But it is not so. For example, a small hearth can be built into a cast-iron stove for a summer residence, which is quite inexpensive. In addition, the fireplace stove in the interior of a country house performs a dual function: it is not only an element of decor, but also a heater. And sometimes a stove that you can cook on - it all depends on the type of oven you choose.

It is important that the decor elements of the house are in harmony with the decoration of the hearth, because it will become the centerpiece of the room. Try not to overload it with unnecessary details. A good solution is to install a wide mantel, which you can decorate with family photos and mementos.


This classification can be used to find the best fit for you:

  • Style. Start from the style in which your country house is decorated. So, a country-style fireplace will look organic in a house made of timber. A marble hearth will fit into a classic interior, and an English fireplace is suitable for an office or a modern living room. It is not recommended to choose a high-tech style for giving - this is unlikely to help create coziness.
  • Heating method. Wood-burning open fires look very nice, but increase the risk of fire. In addition, they are not recommended for installation in rooms less than 20 square meters. A more modern and safer option is the electric model.
  • Location. All stoves can be divided into island, wall, corner and built-in. The names speak for themselves - choose the type that suits you, based on the possibilities of the cottage interior.


It is worth inviting a specialist to finish and install a fireplace. But if you are confident in your own abilities and build a cottage yourself, you can do the cladding with your own hands. Traditional decoration materials are stone, brick, wood and ceramic tiles. The stone can be both artificial and natural - for example, marble, limestone, shell rock, granite and so on. The choice of material depends on the general mood of the country house and, of course, your personal taste.

Gypsum board is also used for electrical models. Regardless of the choice of cladding, remember that the hearth is best positioned so that it faces the inside of the room, to the center of the room. So the heat transfer will be maximum.

The interior of a cottage with a fireplace is a win-win option anyway. Everyone will appreciate it: both guests and your loved ones.

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