Sensation from JOG DOG: warm shoes made of nanomaterials

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Sensation from JOG DOG: warm shoes made of nanomaterials
Sensation from JOG DOG: warm shoes made of nanomaterials

The hi-tech Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Jog Dog collection challenges traditional notions of warm footwear. Not a single animal was harmed in its manufacture - all models are made of the latest generation of patented nanomaterials. The exception is the line for the little ones: the lining in children's shoes and boots is made of natural wool. However, all the sheep are safe!

Sensation from JOG DOG: warm shoes made of nanomaterials!

Innovation for life - this is how you can characterize the new autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 from the fashion brand of Italian shoes Jog Dog. Its creators believe that even for rainy or frosty weather, you need to create trendy, ergonomic, original shoes. Everything is simple and complex at the same time: laconic design and innovative technologies that were previously only available for the space and defense industries. Jog Dog presents a radical new vision for cold season footwear.

Achieve a harmonious combination of comfort and aesthetics Jog Dog was able to work closely with leading innovative companies. The basis for the production of the Jog Dog collection are breathable hypoallergenic non-toxic materials.

The upper of the shoe is made of high-strength stretch textile, which, together with the waterproof Biometex membrane, provides the best thermal insulation in extreme weather conditions, removes excess moisture, keeping feet dry. The innovative BASF Elastopan® multi-component polyurethane from which the soles of the Jog Dog are made retains elasticity at extremely low temperatures, does not slip on wet and icy surfaces and provides good cushioning.

The result of long-term medical research was a special orthopedic form of the base. Ergonomic sole provides a natural position of the foot, evenly distributes the load, absorbs deforming effects and protects against pain, sprains and dislocations while walking.

The most amazing thing is that the desire for technology and practicality did not stop Jog Dog from making beautiful shoes. The new collection traditionally features insulated sneakers. Fans of the classic game will love models with a quilted texture. They will make a super-actual ensemble in the style of sport-chic. Fatal in every sense, girls will not be able to resist sneakers with metal spikes. Jog Dog designers have not forgotten about the models with knitted tops, which are so popular with celebrities. Thanks to innovative materials, these beautiful shoes will keep you warm and comfortable not only at social events, but also on the streets of the city.

Men's line has also become a worthy answer to the challenges of autumn and winter weather. Leaving expression to the beautiful half of humanity, Jog Dog designers made shoes for the stronger sex emphatically masculine: a discreet palette of non-staining shades, neat silhouettes, no extra details.

For the autumn-winter season, Jog Dog has prepared a trendy surprise for his fans - a collection of stylish and ergonomic BeBoots. Futuristic design in combination with exquisite and bold details allowed the authors of the collection to create models with a completely different character: for the most sporty and technological - mirrored with perky voluminous laces, a contrasting combination of large gold chains and black textiles - for temperamental and active, and romantic natures will like the edge, stylized as fox fur.

Unlike conventional "lunar rovers" Jog Dog's BeBoots are highly ergonomic: a specially designed internal wedge provides an anatomically correct position of the foot inside the boot, guaranteeing additional comfort when walking. And of course, each Jog Dog model is equipped with a modern polyurethane sole that does not slip, bends well and does not lose its properties even at low temperatures.

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