Olga Buzova quarreled with fans over questions about children

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Olga Buzova quarreled with fans over questions about children
Olga Buzova quarreled with fans over questions about children

TV presenter responded to fans with a sharp comment. Buzova said that she and her husband themselves, without anyone's advice, will figure out when to have a baby.

Olga Buzova quarreled with fans because of questions about children

The other day, on her Instagram, the star of the TV project "Dom-2" Olga Buzova posted a photo in which she and her husband, a football player Dmitry Tarasov, holding a baby - a child of friends. The picture has become, perhaps, the most discussed in her entire feed on the social network. In 14 hours, he scored more than one and a half thousand comments, but not all of them were to Olga's liking.

Fans reproached the star couple for having pets instead of having children. There were also voiced assumptions about the possible infertility of the spouses. Other subscribers came to the defense of Buzova, noting that she herself would decide without prompting when it would be better for her and her husband to have a baby.

Olga did not remain silent and answered with a categorical message. The TV presenter published a joint photo with her husband Dmitry from the rest. She accompanied the picture with a sharp comment: “People, wake up!!! Think again!!! What you write??? What place do you think??? Where is your upbringing? I posted a photo with our friends and with the baby, and away we go … they get dogs, animals!!! And only my husband and I decide what time it is for us, whom, and when !!! live your life. My life my rules. vamporyouzavodit”, - the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved.

Recall that Buzova and Tarasov got married in 2012. The couple regularly goes on vacation abroad and attends social events. Olga also often attends the matches of her beloved, actively supporting him from the stands. So far, the couple have not made official comments about plans related to the addition to the family.

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