Real adoption. TLC Channel Shows Foster Families

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Real adoption. TLC Channel Shows Foster Families
Real adoption. TLC Channel Shows Foster Families

Watch today at 21.00 the second series of the Real Adoption project - about families who have decided to raise an adopted child.

real adoption. TLC Channel Shows Foster Families

Each of the three couples is at different stages - the first has not even seen her future baby yet, but is already studying at the School of Foster Parents and collecting documents. The second family is already taking the child for the weekend and is thinking about permanent custody, and in the third, the adoption took place several years ago. The six episodes of the program will talk about the difficulties foster parents face and how these difficulties are overcome, how the preparation for a responsible step takes place and what needs to be done if the decision is final.

The first couple, Stas and Nastya, already have their own child. They have everything that is necessary for a comfortable and happy life, they are well provided financially. Therefore, the couple began to think about the second baby, but decided not to wait years, but right now to take the child from the Baby House. In the second family, parents Alina and Sergey are raising six children of their own and have been taking a boy from an orphanage for the weekend for seven years now. Over the years, he actually became a native, and the couple began the process of processing documents for adoption. The third couple, Valery and Elena, have three daughters and two adopted sons, who were taken from the Orphanage a few years ago. On the example of this family, you can find out how life develops after such a serious step.

The project was filmed by the production studio of the Russian Reporter magazine.

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