7 beauty gadgets that will save you money and time

7 beauty gadgets that will save you money and time
7 beauty gadgets that will save you money and time

Among the necessary gadgets in your arsenal should be not only a smartphone and a tablet! For our beauty, a lot of useful devices have also been invented that will help you look “excellent”, and also save time and finances.

7 beauty gadgets that will save you money and time


Photoepilation is the most gentle and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair forever. But this procedure has one significant drawback - a rather high price. Epilation of the armpit zone in a salon in Moscow will cost you from 4 thousand rubles, and legs - from 10. And at the same time, you need to do 3-4 sessions! And if you still dream of removing the hair on your arms or mustache? Devastation! Therefore, it is much cheaper and more convenient to spend money just once - buy a home photoepilator and do everything yourself. Then you can also lend it to your girlfriend!

Most importantly, carefully read the instructions and follow them clearly to avoid burns and other unpleasant consequences.


The face brush can replace salon cleansing or light exfoliation. And the best part is that you can use it at any convenient moment, and not when there is time to go to the salon. Such brushes, as a rule, are made of soft artificial fibers that do not injure the skin, and small massage movements tone it and do not stretch it. The main thing is to use the right "base" - a light wash gel or foam.


If you prefer a Shellac manicure or any other gel polish, why not buy a lamp and paint your nails yourself? In application, it is not too different from ordinary varnish, and having such a lamp at home, you will significantly save on salon services. How to remove gel polish at home: 5 easy steps.

And, again, you can always invite your friends for a manicure and a beauty bachelorette party!


If you do waxing at home, then you can not do without this device! Of course, many people are accustomed to heating a jar of wax in a water bath or microwave, and often this ends up with the wax getting too hot and having to wait for the wax to cool. Such a problem will not arise if you simply buy yourself a wax - a device that itself sets the required temperature and automatically turns off when it reaches it. By the way, in most salons there is such a thing!


How much progress has come! Now even foundation does not need to be applied with hands or a brush (by the way, they are not cheap), but with the help of a gadget. The airbrush was created specifically for the perfect application of foundation on the skin and body - it sprays the product in a very thin layer that almost does not need to be corrected. The device is ideal for those who do not know how to apply foundation with sufficient quality, but at the same time dream of getting the effect of professional makeup. By the way, many makeup artists really use the airbrush simply because it saves time.


To ensure that your heels are always perfectly smooth, it is not at all necessary to go for a pedicure regularly or rub them at home with an ordinary hard file. An invention such as an electric roller file makes life much easier. Its diamond-ground finish is soft enough not to damage your heels, but at the same time, the speed of rotation of the file helps you to get a quality pedicure at home. And you don't need to make an effort to "rub" your feet to a shine - an electric file will do everything for you.


If you like to make curls, but your hands are not adapted to this, to put it mildly, - do not despair. Just for such inept hairdressers as most of us, an automatic curling iron was invented - it grabs a strand, winds it up and creates neat curls. In addition, with such a curling iron it is difficult to damage the hair, because the temperature and time modes are also set by the program. And we almost do not need to do anything - great! Based on materials from cosmo.ru.

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