20 Signs You're Not Working With Him

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20 Signs You're Not Working With Him
20 Signs You're Not Working With Him

Don't waste your time on a man with whom nothing but disappointment awaits you. Break it down and send it to hell! How to do it? Alexander Tsypkin, a writer and expert in male psychology, told us how men behave when they have no serious plans for a girl.

20 signs you're not going to be successful with him

1. Once you start reading this article, the wake-up call, whatever it may be, has already rang. But let's look at the nuances.

2. He stubbornly tells you about his shortcomings, as if hinting that you are suffering with him. He not only does not hide them, but is proud of them. Especially often windiness and disorder emerges. And in general, he talks a lot about himself, and is much less interested in you, especially in your plans for the future.

3. Usually such comrades have a universal legend "I just got out of a difficult relationship, I want to live a little today." It's all nonsense. Nothing heals a difficult relationship better than a new one that is even deeper. Therefore, the above excuse means “you won’t cure me, but as a painkiller you are suitable.”

4. If you invite him to a friend's wedding, he definitely won't go. Wherever a temporary boyfriend is ready to accompany you, but for a wedding as a couple - this is already too much. For some reason, men think that if he comes to a wedding with a girl, they can marry him there for company, or if his girlfriend suddenly catches a bouquet, the bailiff will then come with him, as with a writ of execution.

5. You don't call him every day, that is, you call him, and he - only if he has an unscheduled free evening and wants sex.

6. As soon as you bring a cup or, God forbid, a toothbrush to his house, he immediately begins to talk about personal space, and your things return home, sometimes with you. That is, he does not even offer to spend the night.

7. Ask him a question about a joint meeting of the New Year in the summer and offer to buy tickets in advance, in order to save money, so to speak. If the answer is something unintelligible about workload, especially from the first to the eleventh of January, draw conclusions.

8. You have a strong feeling that he is an orphan. That is, we never talk about getting to know my mother. Not to mention dad and brothers.

9. An invitation to your parents is also unenthusiastic.

10. In sex, he does whatever he wants and does not even particularly ask if you like it. It's simple - he is not afraid to lose you, even subconsciously, and therefore does not think whether his requests will scare you. And he's suspiciously a little nervous on a first intimate date.

11. To the phrase “I have been looking for someone like you all my life”, he looks for an answer for several seconds and eventually tries to portray a resident of the Comedy Club

12. Invite him to a party with your especially nerdy and obnoxious girlfriend. Repeat after a month. Anyone who is going to live with you until old age understands that this is a necessary evil and will somehow adapt. The temporary concubine will not want to suffer and in every possible way will begin to avoid such meetings.

13. The opposite option: introduce him to your most beautiful friend and follow his gaze. It is understood that he will not drag her into bed right in front of you, but the “temporary worker” will allow himself to show excessive attention or even start an acceptable flirtation.

14. Within two to three months, the regularity of sex begins to fall rapidly. The explanation is simple: no matter what they say about a man's lack of connection between love and sex, it exists.

15. Ask him to change his social media status and see how he reacts. He will most likely say yes, but will do nothing.

16. Start a conversation about polygamy, temporary relationships and the joy of life today. You will see with what enthusiasm he will support and develop it. By the way, sometimes it is precisely these lovers of “live today” who fall into the most primitive trap: if a girl herself tells him that she would like a relationship for a short time, a short circuit occurs in the man’s head, smoke goes up and everything ends with the registry office.

17. If in the second or third month of the so-called relationship you ask him to choose a movie for you to watch in the evening, he will choose something like "Fast and the Furious" or some kind of "Commando". And he doesn't care that you don't like violence. Even on the screen.

18. Killer option: ask for a loan. Most often, in response, you will hear about the crisis, mortgages, salary delays and get a recommendation to contact your parents for help.

19. He is not very eager to stay with you for the weekend and starts to carry a blizzard in the spirit of "you will not get enough sleep" or even come up with a terrible allergy to your cat.

20. Still in doubt? Ask directly. And when he starts to play up and get out, turn around and leave. To a brighter future, where the very one is sure to be waiting for you.

Alexander Tsypkin

writer, author of "Women of Increasing Age", photo: fotoimedia.

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