Pregnant athletes urged expectant mothers not to give up sports

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Pregnant athletes urged expectant mothers not to give up sports
Pregnant athletes urged expectant mothers not to give up sports

Pregnant athletes decided by their own example to dispel the myth that a pregnant woman should not do fitness.

Pregnant athletes urge expectant mothers not to give up sports

There is an established stereotype about pregnancy in society. As a rule, at this time, future mothers forget about sports and all active physical activities. The reason is the fear of harming the baby. But today, many doctors recommend pregnant women not to stop their fitness activities and boldly do special exercises for pregnant women.

Athletes who are waiting for additions prove this by their own example. So, 24-year-old crossfit trainer Rivy Schultz regularly posts photos on her Instagram, where she does various exercises with a rounded tummy. Now she is in her fourth month of pregnancy and recommends that all her subscribers in the position go in for sports under the supervision of her doctor. The girl believes that there is nothing reprehensible and harmful to the he alth of the baby.

Also fitness model, 26-year-old Sophie Gudolin, was unable to give up sports during pregnancy. She loaded herself daily in the gym and even lifted the barbell. The public criticized her very much, but Sophie, despite the negative comments of subscribers, actively promoted sports for expectant mothers. The model gave birth to two perfectly he althy babies and the very next day after giving birth she posted a photo of her figure on Instagram.

Among our compatriots, there are also girls who supported the movement of sports moms. One of them was Olga Lukinskaya, who proved by her own example that physical activity during pregnancy does no harm to a woman and a child. On Instagram, Olga regularly publishes photos with detailed descriptions of her training program. She is eight months pregnant and walks 60,000 steps a week, works out with iron and swims in the pool.

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