How to never cut your cuticles: 5 easy steps

How to never cut your cuticles: 5 easy steps
How to never cut your cuticles: 5 easy steps

Edged manicure is a familiar procedure for many women, although you probably know that this is not very useful for nails. By cutting the cuticle over and over again, you not only help it grow stronger, but also damage the base of the nail. But, fortunately, there is a way out of this "vicious circle"!

How to Never Cut Your Cuticles in 5 Easy Steps

There is nothing superfluous in our body, and the cuticle also has its own function - to protect the nail plate from damage. Sometimes it takes just one unsuccessful cut off of this small piece of skin so that the nail permanently acquires a transverse "chipped" - and it is almost impossible to get rid of the defect.

Also, if you stop removing cuticles, your manicure will last longer. Have you noticed that a cut cuticle grows back very quickly, and often has a “torn” look? So, if you refuse this procedure, you can do a manicure less often. And this is already saving time and money!

We'll tell you what most manicurists are silent about - how to stop trimming your cuticles and at the same time keep your fingers in perfect condition.


To begin with, you will have to do as usual - it is advisable to go to a trusted master (believe me, soon you will not see each other often) and do a trimmed manicure. And then it all depends on you.


The very next day after you have trimmed your manicure (the last one!), start caring for your nails. When your hands are steamed, gently push back the cuticles with a wooden stick. This must be done even if it is still completely invisible - in this way you prevent the cuticle from growing. But when it does appear (alas, but it will happen), do not remove it with tweezers (by no means!), But with “cleansing” movements - do the same on the sides of the nail plate. It is enough to carry out the procedure once a day.


Your best friend in the near future should be cuticle oil - several times a day, lubricate your fingers with massaging movements. This will not only soften even the toughest cuticles, but also improve blood flow - nails will grow faster.


You will need a hard file for the side “rollers” so that burrs and rough skin do not form. Use it when your hands are dry, treat each finger, being careful not to touch the nail itself. You will see, soon the excess skin will not have to be cut off at all - you will remove everything with a file even before it grows. In addition, this simple method helps to avoid burrs.


For one to two weeks, you regularly repeat every 4 steps from our instructions. Of course, the cuticle will be noticeably thinner and softer, but it will not stop growing at all until it stops. Go to the salon for a combined manicure - that is, the master should not cut off the entire cuticle, but only small particles, which are still branches after careful care.

Then you need to repeat all the procedures again - if you have enough patience and discipline (it is important not to forget to push the cuticle back with a wooden stick EVERY day!), then in a month there will be no need to do a trimmed manicure. At the same time, your hands will always look well-groomed and neat, even if you did not have time to devote a couple of hours to them. As a rule, girls who follow these recommendations then simply visit the salon 1-2 times a month. Based on materials from, photo: fotoimedia.

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