How to stay up all night and then have an active day at work or travel

How to stay up all night and then have an active day at work or travel
How to stay up all night and then have an active day at work or travel

Suppose you have a sleepless night, after which you will need to be alert and active all day. If you are 20 years old, then there is no problem, you are able to stay awake for more than a day and at the same time look like a morning rose, and even work fruitfully. And if not? Then you go online for advice and read: "If possible, try to take a nap." Well, thank you! Tip from the "Mice, become hedgehogs" series Therefore, we have compiled for you methods that really work. Tested on myself!

Stay up all night and survive the day? Easily!

Remember biorhythms

Your body works according to biorhythms, whether you sleep or not. In the late evening, in the middle of the night, at dawn and in the middle of the day, inhuman fatigue will roll over you. It will seem to you that if you do not lie down right now, you will simply fall asleep sitting up. This state will last for about 20 minutes, and then there will be a surge of vigor. But few people like to sit for 20 minutes in a state of suspended animation, so the body will have to deceive.

Coffee will not help here, but physical activity will. Stand up, stretch, jump and do some exercises. The more active the movements, the better. Over millions of years, our bodies have not changed much, so physical activity after school hours means one thing - danger is somewhere nearby. You seem to be running from a saber-toothed tiger, otherwise why would you be jumping in the middle of the night? This means that the body mobilizes forces and drowsiness will be removed as if by hand. This also works during the day.

Don't drink too much coffee

Only the first cup invigorates, and all subsequent ones only aggravate the situation, and you are more and more sleepy. Here's the thing: caffeine is absorbed very quickly and raises blood pressure, so you'll feel much more alert in just 15 minutes. But after an hour you will be even more drawn to sleep, and with each next cup it will become more and more difficult to fight sleep.

The fact is that coffee contains not only caffeine, but also theophylline, theobromine and vitamin R.R. These substances, on the contrary, lower the pressure, which makes you want to sleep. Therefore, with each cup of a fragrant drink, you seem to swing the swing more and more: you are more and more cheerful every half hour, and then you are more and more drawn to a horizontal position. And the more coffee you drink, the more difficult it will be for you to fight sleepiness.

Drink green tea

A cup of green tea has as much caffeine as a cup of espresso. But its effect on your body will be much softer, and you will stay alert longer. The combination of caffeine and tannin found in tea works a little differently than pure caffeine.

Turn on the lights

If you need to spend a sleepless night at home, do not skimp and turn on bright lights everywhere, not just in the room where you are. The same goes for a cloudy day after a sleepless night. This is just a way to deceive the brain: when it is light around, it is more difficult for it to go to sleep. If you have not slept at night and you need to spend the day at the computer, tweak the monitor settings: the brighter the colors, the easier it will be to fight drowsiness.

Take a shower

Everyone knows that a contrast shower helps to cheer up. Of course, this is the best way to recover after a sleepless night, but on one condition: if you didn’t drink anything stronger than coffee that night. If you came in the morning from a party, a contrast shower is contraindicated for you. Your vessels have already suffered, they do not need an extra load now. You will cheer up for 5 minutes, and then your head will hurt and pull you to sleep. Better take a warm bath, and gradually change the temperature of the water to cool.

Make a coffee scrub

Don't skimp on the grounds from your cup - you need freshly ground coffee. Apply shower gel to your body, then take a handful of coffee and rub yourself all over. The skin will become fabulously smooth, and the charge of vivacity will definitely last for three hours.

Eat something tasty

And finally - the most pleasant advice: try all day to eat only what you love. On the net you can find a list of products that supposedly energize, but in this case they will not help you. But your favorite food is a guaranteed pleasure, that is, a guaranteed increase in the level of endorphins. And this cunning hormone makes us feel not only happy, but also cheerful, full of strength and ready to move mountains.

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