Autumn codling moth residents. What do you say?

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Autumn codling moth residents. What do you say?
Autumn codling moth residents. What do you say?

After reading the note by Irina Zvereva, every real summer resident will recognize himself.

Autumn gardeners-codling moths. What do you say?

Most people eat in September. You are talking about January. But no, yes, they also eat in January. But not that. I'm going in September. Because when a crop failure is a disaster, and when the harvest is two disasters. Two disasters and one disaster. Because the harvest may be lost. And everything is invested in it. All weekends, holidays and a couple of days off. And bitter tears. And metered water. And petrol in the car. And love.

And that is why most Russian families have been eating apples since the very morning of September. White fillings are jammed with brown, antonovka in pryushka, and they are already beginning to be afraid of Simirenko. Everyone is required to take a bag of apples to work. And after returning from work, eat more apples. But no one else can. And mom comes up with an idea - let's wrap the apples in dough and eat them a little more. Come on, everyone says, and then they hack the dough and eat away the apples. But this is also the result.

But apples are nonsense. It's scary when the zucchini goes. Zucchini caviar is already closed for the winter in all the jars left from cherries, but the zucchini is still going. Will you have zucchini fritters? Noooo! Okay, then I'll fry now! Zucchini souffle looks very good in the refrigerator, by the way. Try it. For two weeks it stands there like a living thing.

Nobody eats potatoes. Because potatoes, if put on the balcony, can last forever. As well as everything that is put on the balcony. Therefore, you will never wait in September: come to us for potatoes! But you will be called for stuffed peppers, adjika, melon, watermelon. Oh my God! The watermelon is gone! And everyone sits down to save the watermelon. It cannot be thrown away. Every time you throw away a watermelon, a watermelon dies.

Pumpkin! Pumpkin is a very good plant. When it grows, you can take pictures and upload. And everyone will say ooooh! Good but mysterious. When she grows up, no one understands why she was planted. But while it is growing, it's nice to think: God, you can bake a pumpkin in the oven, put it in porridge, cook soup-puree with pumpkin seeds! It's a matter of targeting, I think. Nobody says to themselves: God! I'll be baking it in the oven soon!

And while it is rushing with terrible force, everyone dreams that little Olenka with a good appetite will live in the neighboring yard. Olenka would be invited to visit every day. To different families. And they would look at her lovingly as, perhaps, they will never look at Olenka again. And Olenka's parents, realizing, would rent her out. We would buy a car and, of course, a cottage. And then what? Then Olenka is a complete hello, whatever one may say. But no one knows where such Olenka lives.

Therefore, having gone berserk from a full-fledged diet, they begin to call relatives in Kagalovka and invite them to visit. Relatives are surprised that they are called. But they put corn in their bags, they put tomatoes and onions in their bags, a head of cabbage and garlic, a jar of jam and a jar of honey, a broiler chicken and zucchini, and they come to visit. And they bring food!

And they do not understand why the hosts have hostility on their faces. But do not drive relatives, so everyone sits down at a large table and eat zucchini. They eat hot and cabbage soup. They eat s alted cucumbers and tomatoes. Tomatoes with and without skins. And savor pickled garlic. And when everything is already eaten, the hostess, glowing like an Oscar nominee, pulls a charlotte out of the oven. Relatives from Kagalovka politely smile and say that they, in Kagalovka, forgot to turn off the light, iron and lamp, and are leaving urgently. And the owners eat everything themselves. Because you can't let vitamins go to waste.

So every summer resident in September is a pantry of vitamins. A walking pot-bellied pantry of vitamins. Who eats these vitamins for the future, which is as promising as eating an indulgence or looking at analgin.

From the dacha, everyone definitely stops by the market, meticulously looks at the zucchini and remembers that they need to freeze for the winter! And they freeze cranberries, lingonberries and fingers, shifting last year's stocks more conveniently.

And having lost weight by May and forgotten all the horror of September, we will all go out to the site again, look around it and say: I'm not a fool, I'll plant fewer zucchini! And the rest of the fucking beans!

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