Handsome man: instructions for use

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Handsome man: instructions for use
Handsome man: instructions for use

Some ladies are afraid of handsome men. And very in vain! It’s not at all difficult to build a relationship with a handsome man - unless, of course, you know how to properly handle him. And we have a ready-made guide for you. Nothing complicated at all, honestly!

Handsome man: instructions for use


For starters, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to do everything yourself. Handsome men do not know how to get acquainted themselves, women simply do not give them a chance to learn. As soon as a handsome man reaches the age of sexual consent, he is immediately taken over by some self-confident girl. And over the years, nothing changes - women pass the handsome man to each other, like a baton. At the same time, handsome men are afraid of women - simply because they had a lot of women, and according to the law of large numbers, there were completely crazy people among them. So don't be surprised if he looks at you with those eyes, as if you've put a parabellum on him. He's just waiting for a catch - he's used to it. And finally, a handsome man can easily hurt you very much - simply because he is not used to appreciating women's feelings. And why appreciate them - tomorrow another will bring him the same feelings on a silver platter. So be prepared for the fact that he may not just refuse, but refuse with such words that you want to take a shovel and trim his beautiful-eyed physiognomy.


We highly recommend the cultural program - go to the cinema or the theater. Simply because it is difficult to stare at a handsome man in the twilight, which means that you will not sit under the crossfire of inviting female gazes. Take a walk in the park - there you can find secluded corners where all sorts of smiling hyenas with legs from their ears do not roam. And if you are still going to a restaurant, do not buy a new dress and do not experiment with styling: you will still be devoured by glances with the message “What did he find in her?”, But in the usual way you will feel confident. As far as possible, of course.


Handsome from early childhood surrounded by women. In the kindergarten, the girls invited him to play mother-daughter, at school he seemed to be the favorite of all the teachers, at the institute classmates generously shared notes with him. In general, he sees through our sister. There is no point in resorting to typical tricks that work on men who are not spoiled by female attention. Be yourself and speak the truth. He will appreciate it. Everyone lies to him, everyone wants to portray a fairy in front of him. And don't ask him uncomfortable questions like "Who are your friends?". His friends are women, and he is well aware that you are not very pleased to hear this. And he doesn't like to say it. A close-knit male society of handsome men does not accept such things. And he is very hurt.


This, in fact, is the very moment when everything will be decided. Because you have a serious chance to run into a narcissist, and you will understand this in bed. The narcissist will loosen up and look at you with the look of "Come on, please me." By the way, you can kick him out right at this moment, it will be funny. And if the handsome man tries - you are lucky, he is a normal boy. Just very beautiful. Well, everyone has their shortcomings, which is already there. In general, sex with a handsome man is a very pleasant thing. He had many women, do you remember that? Repetition is the mother of learning. He received his red diploma long before he met you.


Nothing remarkable will happen at this stage - everything will be as always. Endless telephone conversations, out of the blue quarrels and stormy reconciliations, butterflies in the stomach - that's all. Unless you feel like the heroine of the movie “Bridget Jones. The limits of reason." “Bridget, you're staring at me again when I'm sleeping. Stop it! Just about.


You will probably decide to live together, and here she will devour you. Jealousy. Why is he 15 minutes late? Why is this rat Adelaida Sigismundovna constantly calling him? Why, why is he so silent? He's hiding something! And it doesn’t matter that he was late, because the store didn’t have your favorite wine, that Adelaide Sigismundovna is 78 years old and she is his first nanny, and that he is silent because yesterday he handed over the project, on which he sat for three days without raising his head, - and he just doesn't have the strength to speak. You are ready to understand all this, but you cannot command your heart. It is waiting for a trick. Fighting jealousy is really useless. It must be experienced like chickenpox. And it is important to understand the following: your handsome man has been thrown more than once, and he does not want a repetition at all. Why did they quit? And that's why. Because of the pangs of jealousy. Few want to live on a powder keg. The fact that this very powder keg is a completely contrived element of the landscape is already trifles.


If the hottie ends up proposing to you, don't hesitate. Firstly, a handsome husband is a great incentive to always be in shape and fit. What does "match" mean? That means a new dress, of course! Preferably every month, yes. Secondly, when you have children, you will feel like a genius - well, who, you ask, endured and gave birth to this unearthly beauty? That's it! Thirdly, a handsome husband is always a balm for the heart, in the sense of pride. Let's not dissemble - everyone is pleased with the slight envy of others, that's how we are arranged. Well, and most importantly: handsome men - they are like cats. It seems that there is something to embed with a slipper, but now he looks at you with his eyes - and takes everything off as if by hand. And this is because admiring beauty strengthens the nervous system, and, in general, prolongs life. By the way, this is a fact. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

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