11 popular ways to make your face greasy and pimple

11 popular ways to make your face greasy and pimple
11 popular ways to make your face greasy and pimple

Some folk remedies and advice from friends are so effective that they can turn you from a princess into a frog at once.

11 popular ways to make your face greasy and pimple


Have you heard that they can fix makeup? This is true, and it can also dry out and age the skin, clog pores and cause irritation.


They can really smear any part of the body, but never the face. Even if it makes you sweat.


No, eyebrows in the color of the hairstyle should only be dyed with mascara, at worst, with a special dye for eyebrows on a natural basis. Otherwise, you risk chemical corneal burns.


Even if he helped you get rid of psoriasis on the body, he does not belong on the face. Clogged pores and festering pimples - you don't dream about it, do you?



If a serum is written on a jar, it does not mean that it is universal. Hair has a different texture than skin. Doesn't it occur to anyone to make a hair mask out of anti-wrinkle cream?


It would be convenient to have one bottle for all occasions. But the face requires much more subtle care and much less fragrance. And what is good for the skin of the buttocks will cause irritation around the eyes.


No, are you serious? Foot creams are too oily and rich. And they are designed to soften thick plantar skin, not delicate facial skin.


Even if you go to Halloween or carnival - no. Buy special paint for this occasion. Nail polish contains solvent and acrylates that will dry out the skin. It's like decorating yourself with building plaster or motorcycle enamel.


Yes, you can use vinegar as a facial tonic, but it's much better to take a ready-made tonic than to splash your face from a bottle from the kitchen. The fact is that during storage, water evaporates from vinegar and its concentration increases. And you risk getting a chemical burn.


This ingredient is often used in homemade moisturizing hair masks. But what is good for hair is not good for skin. High acidity and density make it unsuitable for the skin. Pores can become clogged and inflamed.

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