Natural eye makeup (blue, grey, green, brown)

Natural eye makeup (blue, grey, green, brown)
Natural eye makeup (blue, grey, green, brown)

Natural eye makeup is a great solution for every day. It seems that it is very easy to make it, but it is not quite so. Find out how to choose natural makeup depending on the color of the eyes.

Natural eye makeup (blue, gray, green, brown)

Natural eye makeup is, to some extent, a paradox. Makeup artists note that it should look imperceptible, almost like a lack of makeup, but at the same time making it almost more difficult than a bright evening make-up. Why is that? The fact is that natural makeup requires careful selection of corrective products that will make your face perfect - fresh, young and rested. That is, the first thing that is important to consider when creating a natural make-up is a good tonal foundation, powder and light blush. After you have worked on the appearance of the skin of the face, you can proceed to natural eye makeup.


This step-by-step technique is suitable for any eye color, only the shades of shadows, mascara and eyebrow pencil will differ.

  1. Give a natural shape to the eyebrows - they should never be too narrow. Try to match your eyebrow color to your hair color and skin tone. Wide eyebrows are in fashion right now, so feel free to style them as naturally as possible. And, of course, refrain from tattooing your eyebrows.
  2. Treat the skin around the eyes: there should be no dark circles, swelling and redness.
  3. For natural makeup for blue eyes, choose black or brown mascara, depending on your color type. It is better to refuse jet black mascara, it is more suitable for an evening, festive make-up.
  4. To blue eyes go light brown, peach and pale pink shadows that make the look open. Reddish and coral shades can make the eyes look sore, so don't use them.
  5. If you want to make a natural evening make-up, just draw arrows with eyeliner or eyeliner.
  6. Another secret is the use of white shadows in the brow area. This helps to visually enlarge the eyes, and make the look more clear and radiant.


Gray eyes are quite rare in nature, and the task of natural makeup for gray eyes is to emphasize an unusual shade without overloading with unnecessary distracting elements. For gray eyes, shadows of gray and silver shades are recommended, both matte and slightly shiny. For daytime make-up, choose light shades of shadows, leaving rich silver colors for the evening. If you have taupe or grey-green eyes, ocher and olive shades will suit you.


It is believed that for blue and gray-blue eyes, blue shadows are best suited. But it is not so. Blue tints often make the eye color appear paler and more translucent than it really is. Therefore, for natural makeup for gray-blue eyes, it is worth using beige, light lilac and white shadows, avoiding saturated colors.


For a natural make-up of brown eyes, shades of olive, beige and light lilac shades, as well as golden and silver colors, are suitable. So, dark-skinned girls should pay attention to warm golden shadows, and brunettes with fair skin should choose gray and light brown colors in natural makeup for brown eyes.


The beautiful color of green eyes will help to emphasize gray, brown, light green, olive and light lilac shadows. If you are a blonde with green eyes, opt for silver shades that will make your eyes sparkle. When creating natural makeup for green eyes, brown and terracotta shades of shadows are more suitable for brown-haired women or brunettes. Red-haired owners of green eyes go with caramel and apricot shades of shadows.

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