What to give a teacher for Teacher's Day? 9 Surprise Ideas for the Teacher

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What to give a teacher for Teacher's Day? 9 Surprise Ideas for the Teacher
What to give a teacher for Teacher's Day? 9 Surprise Ideas for the Teacher

Those of us who are not members of the parent committee remember this holiday, of course, at the very last moment. If you have not agreed with the others about a common gift, you need to urgently come up with something original, and, if possible, not at the price of a live elephant. We made a thematic selection, offered 9 ideas, and ran to the shops ourselves.

For those who just remembered: what to give for Teacher's Day?

Photos in a pot

It is done elementarily, even by the most armless parents. A big plus is that the kids can help. Take bamboo skewers, stick paper flowers on them, in the middle - photos of students in your class. Decorate with ribbons. Stick the flowers into a small flower pot or any container with earth, clay, at worst, with plasticine. Fill it on top with shavings, pebbles from the sea, sand stolen from the playground. Teachers are sentimental, and such flowers do not need to be watered, and pleasant memories are provided.

Edible roses

This is an option for more advanced moms whose arms grow out of the right place. So, you will need: wheat flour (267 g), granulated sugar (225 g), 3 eggs, vanillin (3 g), sweet straws (300 g). Whisk eggs and sugar until smooth. Pour flour into the prepared mass in a thin stream, flavor with vanilla, mix everything well again. Prepare a sheet by first lubricating it with oil. With a dessert spoon, carefully pour a little dough into circles.

Sizes should be different, but not too big. Each flower is baked separately, as you should only work with hot dough. Each flower requires 4-6 petals. Bake in a preheated oven for no more than three minutes. Carefully, using a small knife, remove the circle and attach it to the straw very quickly. Then attach the remaining petals in a circle so that the flower looks like a rose. Sounds scarier than it actually is.

Carlson's dream

A jar of compote or jam is a gift, at first glance, somewhat strange, but quite logical for autumn. And then, maybe your teacher dreams of strawberry or strawberry jam? Decorate the lid of the jar with a paper or cloth napkin tied with a ribbon or a harsh shaggy twine. If you don't have jam, buy it eventually! But remember - a three-liter jar of pickles is not very suitable as a gift for a teacher. Unless Trudovik…

A box of pasta

No, not springs, shells or spaghetti, but the most delicate cakes. This is for those who are unbearable to invent something on their own. Sweets, as you know, are not superfluous - and drink tea in the teacher's room, and eat under the covers at home.

Tea, coffee, dance

It goes without saying that you can complement a box of cakes with a pack of good tea or coffee. Moreover, the range allows you to choose a gift for every taste and budget. You can buy a set of various herbal preparations in the store that help with headaches, stress, and normalize blood pressure. You know yourself that, after talking with your child and twenty others, this is not just tea, but an urgent need?

Theater map + binoculars

We thought about earthly things, we can move on to spiritual food. If your teacher is a theatergoer, then a theater gift card will be an excellent present. The owner of such a wonderful invention can choose the performance, date and place in the auditorium, it can be replenished - the card is reusable. You can, of course, buy a gift card in any supermarket, but, you see, the theatrical one is much more elegant. In addition to the map, buy small binoculars. It’s not a shame to go to a performance with him, and he doesn’t take up much space at home.

Advanced Flower Pot

It's not even a flower pot, it's a tomato that was crossed with an electronic gadget. The kit includes a smartpot, a cartridge with cherry seeds, fertilizer systems and special software for growing tomatoes. You look, rejoice and harvest.


Well, first of all, it's useful. Not to say that everything is in order in schools with air humidity. A humidifier can be used both at home and at the workplace. There are plenty to choose from, both in price, and in displacement, and in appearance.

Slogan T-shirt

But this gift is extremely cute. You can write whatever you want (be in control!), or print a class photo on a T-shirt. It's cool for all teachers to do this. Those who teach your child, of course.

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