12 mistakes we make with hair care

12 mistakes we make with hair care
12 mistakes we make with hair care

Check yourself: what do you do with your hair from this "black list"?

12 Ways to Ditch Your Hair Without Noticing

Who would have thought that these harmless habits could damage the hair. Tippi Shorter, lead stylist at Aveda Global, recommends getting rid of them and explains why.

How to harm your hair

You don't clean your styling tools

Dirty tools, from brushes, combs to curling irons, pollute your fresh hair, irritate your skin and clog your pores. Clean your tools regularly and - yes, throw away the old ones.

You sleep on a cotton pillowcase instead of a silk pillowcase

Silk does not absorb moisture from the skin and hair, while cotton absorbs and thus takes part in dehydration. So if you have a choice, go with silk.

You spend too much time in the sun

Use hair conditioners with sunscreen and wear hats whenever possible.

You towel dry your hair

Such drying is especially contraindicated for owners of dry and curly hair. The rough cloth exfoliates the surface layer of the scalp when you rub your head with a towel. Just gently pat hair dry with microfiber towels or cotton T-shirts.

You comb your tangled hair with a stiff comb

Because flat combs and combs can't bounce, you tend to pull out some of your hair with them. Use hair brushes with a soft rubber backing. This is a much more gentle option for mats.

You eat "stuff"

It is really important that you always have enough water and vitamins A, C, E in your diet. This will keep your hair shiny and not dry and brittle.

You wear glasses on your forehead as a headband

When you enter a room and remove your sunglasses with this movement, you stretch the hair roots. You also pull out your hair while putting your glasses back on.

You wash your hair too often

It depends on the type of hair. Many people can wash their hair every day without side effects. But thick and curly hair is quite dry on its own, and frequent washing only makes it worse.

You dye your hair too often

The normal interval between coloring is a month and a half. If you dye your hair more often, you can damage it.

You don't care about your scalp

It needs to be massaged from time to time. It is best to do this when washing your hair.

You abuse dry shampoos

Dry shampoos were invented for emergency head cleaning when there is no time or opportunity to wash properly. Frequent use of dry shampoos clogs skin pores and damages hair.

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