The child fought for the life of his father for three days

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The child fought for the life of his father for three days
The child fought for the life of his father for three days

When the father was hit by a rockfall, the son was able to save his life and bring help.

The child fought for the life of his father for three days

There are miracles, and there are people who perform miracles. Charlie Finlayson, 13-year-old American, certainly performed a miracle. For three days he fought for his father's life and saved him.

In August, 52-year-old David Finlayson and his son Charlie climbed in the mountains near Lake Ship Island in Idaho. This was not the first campaign, they were ready for a lot, but something that you do not expect can always happen. A suddenly collapsed boulder carried my father off the path. David fell from a height of ten meters.

He lost consciousness, his back and left arm were broken, and a bone was visible through the open wound on his leg.

The nearest base was at least 20 kilometers away. All hope was on Charlie. The son washed and bandaged his father's wounds, set up camp and wrapped the victim in sleeping bags. For two days, while waiting for help, he fed and watered his father, reassuring him that everything would be fine.

"He was my lifeguard," David told reporters afterwards. “He talked to me all night after the incident.”

For two days, Charlie made forays on the route around the lake, hoping to meet other tourist groups. On the third day, it became clear that they would have to go to the base for help. Charlie went on a solo 20 km mountain hike with a 16 kg backpack on his back and a note in which his father described how to find him.

Leaving his father alone for Charlie was the most difficult part of the test: “I was scared, I was afraid not to meet anyone even at the base. And I kept praying.”

Fortunately, after walking only six kilometers, he met a group of hikers who offered to help. David was eventually evacuated and taken to the hospital.

“He did everything flawlessly,” recalls David. - For many years we traveled with him in the mountains, and the guy turned out to be on top. My son and I had a strong friendship before, but now, I don't even know if it's as strong as granite or concrete, if that's not too weak a comparison.”

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