How to lose weight with a plank: how to do the exercise, what result to expect

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How to lose weight with a plank: how to do the exercise, what result to expect
How to lose weight with a plank: how to do the exercise, what result to expect

If by luck you don't have a few machines at home, and you're not so savvy in fitness to develop a training program on your own (and then stick to this program!), You will be rescued by a universal exercise - the plank. Surprisingly, with its help you can tighten the main muscle groups, and at the same time get rid of excess weight.

Plank exercise - does it really help?

What is a plank?

The exercise consists in the fact that you “hover” above the floor for several minutes, relying only on your hands and toes. If it seems to you that this is not difficult enough - try to hold out for at least 20 seconds to start! After two weeks of regular exercise, you will notice how the muscles of the whole body are tightened. The main thing in the plank exercise for weight loss is the correct execution.

How to do planks

  • Feet. Put together. In this position, it is more difficult to maintain balance, but it will increase the load on the abdominal muscles.
  • Feet. They must be straight and tense, otherwise the load on the rectus abdominis muscle, which holds the lumbar region from deflection, will also decrease.
  • Buttocks. They should also be as intense as possible.
  • Loin. Very important: if you are doing the plank correctly, your lumbar spine should be flat. This means that the lower back cannot be rounded or arched. To make it easier, imagine that your back is firmly pressed against the wall.
  • Belly. Pull in, try to pull up to the ribs, but do not hold your breath.
  • Elbows. To ensure that the load is distributed correctly and the shoulders are not overloaded, place your elbows strictly under the shoulder joints. It is necessary to perform exercises on the exhale, and hold - to moderate tension in the muscles. Hold this position for as long as possible: to begin with, it is enough to hold out for 10 seconds. Gradually increase your workout time to 1-2 minutes. If it is very difficult for you to do the exercise, lean not on the toes, but on your knees. And do not forget to follow the correct execution of it, because with the right starting position and the distribution of the intensity of the load with the help of the bar, you can lose weight in a fairly short time.

5 Plank Benefits

1. Plank builds muscles and makes you stronger. You probably know that after the age of 35, the amount of muscle mass in women begins to decrease, and the bones can become brittle. To avoid trouble, strength training is needed to help build muscle mass. And strong muscles are reliable support for the skeleton. In addition, doing the bar every day, you can easily and quickly lose weight.

2. Plank reduces the likelihood of injury - both during training and in everyday activities. We all stumble, slip, twist our legs, awkwardly lean on our hands from time to time … This can happen both when you play sports, and when you just sledding with your child or washing the floor in the kitchen. Will you get a serious injury in the fall or get off with a bruise? This largely depends on the strength of the muscles that the bar perfectly strengthens.

3. The plank improves balance. This exercise will be perfect for you if you are one of those awkward women who often drop things, stumble out of the blue and walk around with bruises. Why, having slipped on ice or autumn leaves, someone manages to maintain balance, while someone immediately falls? It's all about balance. Don't miss the opportunity to develop this skill!

4. Plank improves posture. Do you want to look taller and leaner? Looking great in any outfit? Stay young and attractive? Yes, yes, with the help of the bar, not only weight loss is guaranteed, but also the correct posture. A straight back will immediately add a couple of centimeters to your height and remove a couple of kilograms of weight.

5. Planks don't need any special equipment. Admit it, do you have extra space at home where you can place a full-fledged simulator? Do you have extra money to buy this simulator? Do not despair, we have good news for you - with the help of the plank, you can lose weight for free. After all, all you need to complete this exercise is a free area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe floor where you can lie down.

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