Where to attach the rubber band?

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Where to attach the rubber band?
Where to attach the rubber band?

Using common things you didn't know you had

Where to attach household gum?

It doesn't cost a dime, but it makes life as easy as special tools. You don't even have to go to the store to get it, you already have it at home.

1. To prevent a parchment paper roll from unrolling during storage, place an empty toilet paper roll liner on it.

2. Place a sheet of foil behind the radiator and heat will be reflected into the room.

3. If you need a pastry bag, cut off the corner of the sandwich bag. For very thick creams, put a bag of cream in several of the same size and cut off a corner on the entire structure at once.

4. Use an old electric toothbrush head to clean tile grout.

5. Wrap the tape around your palm with the adhesive facing out, and pick up dust and hairs from clothes and furniture.

6. Wrap the rubber bands for money on the coat hangers, and clothes will stop falling off them.

7. When stacking non-stick pans, place paper plates between them to avoid scratches.

8. Tear off the ring from the soda can and put it on the hanger hook. Now you can hang another hanger in this makeshift carabiner, the lower tier. And so several times.

9. Rub soap or a candle on the zipper to stop it from sticking.

10. When traveling, you can use a hair straightener to iron out creases in thin clothes if you don't have an iron handy.

11. Wrap a rubber band around the lid of the jam jar to make it easier to open.

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