Yoga for First Graders: Wake Up, Stretch, Shrink

Yoga for First Graders: Wake Up, Stretch, Shrink
Yoga for First Graders: Wake Up, Stretch, Shrink

Just don't say you don't have time and the morning before school is not up to it. We will do it lightly and casually). In India, by the way, yoga is a compulsory discipline in most schools. Children practice right on the floor, without mats or other devices, and perceive yoga lessons as something integral and natural.

Yoga for first graders: Wake up, Stretch, Shrink…

Anastasia Kokeeva

Certified Teacher YogaKids: educating the whole child through yoga

Co-owner of the Kokosha & Co family yoga and beauty studio


Without getting out of bed, invite the baby to sit cross-legged and walk forward on the blanket with his hands, stretch sweetly. Place a pillow under his back, or two is better, and help him arch back, stretching his arms to one side and his legs to the other. Sitting cross-legged, the baby can twist to the right, pushing off with the left handle from the right knee, and to the left, pushing off with the right handle from the left knee. Praise the baby, help him to take the right position.


Take your baby to the mirror and smile at his reflection. Remember: yoga is not only physical exercise, but, above all, a state of mind. Set your child up for a positive perception of the day from the very morning. We brush our teeth in a tree position: the baby stands on one leg, and bends the other at the knee and presses the foot to the supporting leg: below at the level of the lower leg or higher - on the thigh. Then we change the leg. Balance poses help to harmonize the work of the right and left hemispheres, increase concentration and attention.


Arrange the things that the baby should take to school, so that he had to reach out to some, standing on tiptoe, bend over for some, climb for some (under the table, for example). Moreover, it is desirable to stretch diagonally: with the left hand we get it on the right, with the right - on the left. Any movement that crosses the center line of the body teaches children coordination, improves gross motor skills. Try inviting your child to take a light object (such as a spare T-shirt or ruler) not with their hands, but with their toes, lift it up and put it in the right place. Children are delighted with such useful puzzles.


While mom is preparing breakfast or getting ready, it's time to repeat the homework. Offer your child any exercise in a standing position: for example, bending your right leg at the knee, step back with your left and raise your hands up. Tell him in confidence that this pose is called the “hero pose” and helps him cope with all the difficulties of studying. While the child is gaining heroic strength and endurance, invite him to count: one, two, three, four, five. Repeat on the other leg, but count in English. Children very easily perceive and remember information in motion! Through postures, you can learn poems and songs, count, memorize the rules - show your imagination!


Help the child into flamingo position (straight body, one leg bent at the knee and tucked in like a flamingo, tends to knee up) and offer to put on shoes or tie laces overhang, maintaining balance. At the same time, discuss why flamingos are pink, what they eat, where they live. What other birds does he know and love. Which bird names start with the same letter as his name. Behind these conversations, the baby will not even notice that standing on one leg is not so difficult, and each time the knee can be pulled higher and higher.

P.S. The magic word that yogis love so much is pronounced “NA-MA-STE”, and not “na-bridges”, “mama-ste” or “ma-lad-tsy”)). They have a fabulous start to the day.

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