Take a photo before eating: 10 stunningly beautiful Instagram cooking blogs

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Take a photo before eating: 10 stunningly beautiful Instagram cooking blogs
Take a photo before eating: 10 stunningly beautiful Instagram cooking blogs

The Internet is flooded with pictures of buns and steaks, pasta and broccoli. Soon they will surely crowd out cats and children. And it doesn't matter that most of the pictures are blurry or just terrible, the pictures should be seen by all like-minded people! We have compiled a selection of truly beautiful food photos from culinary experts.

Take Pictures Before Meals: 10 Stunningly Beautiful Instagram Cooking Blogs

-Will you take pictures of your breakfast? -Not! - Then I'll take a picture! I haven't photographed any food since yesterday's dinner!

Today, for a full-fledged lunch or dinner for half of restaurant visitors, it is not enough to get a beautiful and tasty dish from the chef. Be sure to take a picture of it and post it on Instagram! And the chefs themselves, whose creations are so short-lived, do not forget to take pictures of them.


American photographer Rick Poon (@rick_poon) photographs food around the world. But only in real, “right” places. The nice thing is that the blog posts not only pictures of noodles, desserts and burgers, but also landscapes, faces, motorcycles and travel.


Tim Robinson (@Timrobisonjr) is a photographer from North Carolina. His main specialization is weddings, however, most of the photos on the blog are dedicated to food, interiors, nature and a little son.


British David Breeze (@saladpride) quit his job as a graphic designer on the Discovery Channel and went headlong into… salads. He cooks them, delivers them to offices, writes books about salads. And of course he takes pictures.


The guys from the project We The Foodies (@wethefoodies) live in Indonesia and every tasting of something new is necessarily filmed, having previously arranged it all on the table. A whole team of food stylists works with them.


Two lovebirds from London (@symmetrybreakfast) start their breakfast every morning with a photo, of course. They have everything for two and everything is the same - plates, croissants, glasses of juice. Absolutely symmetrical!


One of the best wedding photographers in New York, Daniel Krieger (@Danielkrieger), does not post pictures from his main job on his Instagram blog. On the phone, he shoots food and restaurant interiors. Although it's hard to believe it's just a phone.


French chef Dominique Crenn (@Dominiquecrenn) works at her own restaurant in San Francisco and regularly uploads photos of food and how it is prepared in her magazine. Those who want to know how chefs relax, where they eat and what the dish is made of, you should definitely subscribe.


Chef, travel writer and broadcaster Anthony Bourdain (@Anthonybourdain) of course posts on Instagram). I must say that food is not in the first place there, Bourdain publishes pictures of his family, training and travel. But, of course, a significant part of the blog is about them - steaks and mussels, whiskey and hot dogs.


Which of those who are fond of cooking does not know the most ordinary world famous chef, TV host, he althy food advocate Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver)? All photos cause involuntary salivation and the desire to quickly run to the kitchen. Cook something or just eat a piece of sausage.


A fictional chef whose name speaks for itself. His name is Jacques la Merde (@Chef Jacques La Merde), and in French "la merde" is shit. Cunning photos at first glance of incredibly delicious dishes. But. Looking closely, you realize that it all depends on the serving and serving, because, in fact, on the plates are fatty cheese sauce, vegetable peels, chips and pork legs.

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