Why dads get fat

Why dads get fat
Why dads get fat

As the song says, "Daddy can do anything" - and eat a whole lamb, and swallow a sandwich from a whole loaf with a stick of sausage. Until now, women who are afraid of pregnancy have referred to the fear of getting fat. And a recent study confirmed that men, on average, "gain weight" after they become fathers.

Why do dads get fat

Don't think you're not the only one suffering if you can't fit into "pre-pregnant" pants after having a baby.

Recently, Men's He alth magazine published an interesting study. Doctors observed how the weight of ten thousand young men under 20 changed, and especially how it changed if the young man had children.

It turned out that dads of average height "on average in the hospital" gained 2 kg in the same time as childless people lost 600 grams.

Conscientious young fathers can give up smoking and alcohol, and also eat up what the children have not eaten, and infant formula is very high in calories. In addition, many dads don't have time to play ball in the yard or run in the morning, and taking a stroller up to the fifth floor without an elevator or rocking a roaring baby in his arms does more to strengthen muscles than to lose weight.

This is the first study that proves that the male body also changes as a result of the pregnancy of their beloved.

And it has also been noticed that people get fat when more responsibility falls on them: new kilograms “give them weight” and make them look more authoritative. On a subconscious level, dad with a tummy looks more impressive than dad-boy.

So the newly acquired belly of your precious one is, one might say, another of his contributions to adding to your family. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo fotoimedia / Ingram.

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